Denial eventually leads to the see…

Get it? Not just a river in Egypt, right?

*sigh* Yeah, whatever…

Anyway, long day at school. It was actually good to be back. The thing with the chairs ROCKED! I’m totally going to keep them like that. “D’s, stand up, move two spaces around clockwise. There’s your new seat.” Completely impersonal, and that one thing changes the total class dynamic. One of my students from last year came in (to listen to a story, because he’s just cool that way and he knows I luvs him) and said, “Gees, Ms. Lane–that’s brilliant!” *g* Dja hear that? I’m brilliant!

And it’s funny–every year I go back, convinced that I’m too bitter and too sarcastic for this gig… and every year I run into students I totally get and who get me. See–there IS room for the bitter, sardonic literary hag at the modern high school–I really CAN be happy in my job. Of course, everybody needs to go find this entry in six weeks, when I want everyone dead, painfully. Is that a pact?

And on the home front… well, I came home, sat in my chair with my kids, napped until it was time to go workout, came home to an almost empty house and edited until the kids got home.

Something’s hella wrong with that picture, but I can’t tell you what it is. Anyway, I sounded a lot more together today than I usually do–maybe it’s a good year after all!

*yawn* Anyway, that’s about all I got… literally. chicken made lasagna for dinner–why didn’t anyone tell me that’s a soporific? (Wait, it’s not? Really? Then WHY am I so tired? Forget it… I’m dozing off during the explanation.) See you all later, when maybe I’m not a basket case!

0 thoughts on “Denial eventually leads to the see…”

  1. You ROCK!!!!! And yes, you are brillant!!

    Oh yea, in six weeks, I'll be poking you with a stick and sending you little pick-me-ups.

  2. Donna Lee says:

    I remember that 'september feeling'. Like all my teachers are brilliant and all my classes will be good and, well, I never hung onto it for very long.

    I'll remind you of this rash burst of optimism. Actually, I hope it lasts at least till the holidays. You ARE a good teacher and the smart kids all know it (and are probably thrilled to have you again)

  3. roxie says:

    Start the way you mean to go on. A good first day is a very good omen!

  4. And lasagna definitely is a soporific…

  5. Galad says:

    I seem to remember you starting the year somewhat optimistically last year too 🙂 And yes, we'll be sending you those reminders about the great job you do.

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