Did Anybody See My Weekend?

Geoffie is concerned about where the weekend went.


Friday, Squish, Chicken, Big T, Mate, and I, all went to see ZoomBoy’s play.

The play itself was You Can’t Take it With You, and for the record, if you are curious about this George Kaufman creation, DON’T watch the Frank Capra film with Lionel Barrymore and Jimmy Stewart. For some reason, Capra screwed the pooch with that version, and the TV version of the stage play with Maureen Stapleton and Barry Bostwick was much better.

ZoomBoy in his costume and makeup!

Anyway– ZoomBoy was SO excited because apparently on the Thursday night production, the guy who played Kolishnikof made a rude gesture on stage and was taken out of the play for the duration, so the guy who played the IRS agent AND one of the three FBI Agents ended up being Kolishnikof instead. He did a great job–he carried a script, and while he surreptitiously studied it for his cues, he delivered his lines with a full-on Russian accent and conviction, and he managed to make the script look like a communist literature pamphlet (because the play was written in the 30’s) and in general, we were much impressed.

Squish, my parents, a cousin-ish, and Max

We were also impressed by ZB because he was promoted from “3rd FBI Agent” to “Jim the 2nd FBI Agent” and he did so with aplomb.

Basically, we’re just so proud of him. He was one of two freshman in the production and he was the only kid up there without some sort of prior drama experience (but they made much of his dance experience) and he had friends who gave him a ride to Denny’s and… and he’s growing up. And doing a good job of it.

Max. Good dod, Max! Good dog!

Yesterday, I took him and his sister to Plymouth, which is right outside of Jackson.  Plymouth has a big RV park, and every year, THE WHOLE PARK participates in decorating their RV’s (or the apron in front of them) and costume contests and at night, there’s Trick-or-Treating.  ZoomBoy wore his father’s Lederhosen, and I couldn’t seem to get a picture of him, but his sister wore HER sister’s anime maid dress, and did her face up to be creepy doll–and it worked! Well–for that iteration of makeup it worked. As soon as the costume parade was over, we went and washed the whole works off because it was driving her batshit insane.  (*note to self–buy more creepy doll makeup that won’t make her batshit*)

We left Squish there at three and came home, because ZoomBoy had curtain call at 5 again.  We promised him all today to just sleep–and he took it. Played video games, slept, ate–that kid had earned his broccoli-hood, and we knew he’d need it to get through next week.

Bless his heart–he gets to do it all over again.


At Plymouth we saw some super extra awesome costumes, and I took some pictures.  I’m particularly impressed by the unicorn and s’mores frappuccinos, but Jack and Sally, the gumball machine, and an entire group of Rydell High students really did make me smile.

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