Ding dong, the season’s dead…

Soccer season, that is!

Yup, folks, there you see the triumphant Wild Things, who won three of their last five games, even though they were one or two men down for most of their last, four game tourney. (You may notice Chicken is the least mud-spattered of them all. “It was easy, mom– all the muddy girls said, “Do you want a hug?” and I said, “Sure!” The hug was a lot less muddy than being thrown in the mud!”) The girls played with joy and verve and enthusiasm– it was fun to watch. Right up until the other team called it quits–they were on their second yellow card, and seemed to feel it was unfair. Our coach kept turning to us and saying, “Keep it upbeat! If you guys get negative, I get yellow carded, and I’m the only coach you’ve got!” So our team parents were very careful to cheer our girls on and not to scream, “What in the fuck is that kid doing! Make her get her shoe off my kid’s thigh!” Eventually, it worked.”

So that was it– the final knell of what felt like the world’s LONGEST soccer season ever. The girls got a little sniffly. The parents all wished we could go out and buy each other mojitos or something, because… I mean… Dayum. Since August, y’all!

Anyway, Mate took today off to do a little Christmas shopping with me, and it was… well, it was one of those moments that help make or break a marriage, actually.

I put a big ticket item in the basket for Squish, and Mate looked pained, and I said, “What? This is well within the limit–we have lots of other things we can get her with this!”

“Well yeah! But then you’re going to want to buy other stuff on your own!” he said, sounding like this hurt him. Well, I almost DID hurt him after that.

“No, dammit! Remember? We’re doing this together so we can both agree on their presents and we don’t spend too much money on shit they really don’t need? THAT’S THE WHOLE REASON YOU TOOK THE DAY OFF!”

(A little sheepishly) “Oh. Yeah. You’re right. Sorry.”

So, well… it was a start. Like the guy said as he was ringing up the tiny pile we managed to buy. “Your video game’s in the bag next to the comfy pants.” And thereya go. One thing for Chicken, and one for Zoomboy–same bag. A shitload more shopping to do!

Oh– Big T asked this one today, feeling a little sorry for himself, I could tell. “Mom, do you talk to me differently than you do the other kids?”

I was out of patience. “Have you heard me to tell you to brush your teeth if you want to be a princess?”


“How about ‘No, dammit, we’re not going to McDonalds for one more goddamned toy!'”


“Have I started dishing on hot men lately? Have we had any scintillating conversations about Alex O’Laughlin or Jensen Ackles?”

“Oh HELL no!”

“Well then, yes. I DO talk to you differently than I talk to the other kids.”

“And I’m grateful.”

“You should be.”

On the writing front, I am thrilled to announce my homework’s done! I have officially completed one edit of Talker’s Redemption and my publicity homework for Jack & Teague’s first story, Yearning. (Those of you who love Jack & Teague, I have to tell you, I was tickled to realize that their release date, February 11th, was also the day of their wedding ceremony that starts out Rampant. I don’t think it was on purpose, but it sure was awesome!)

And that’s about all– we spent our weekend freezing our asses off in the rain, and doing it joyously, and now Chicken is back in the world of writing a paper for Grape’s of Wrath. (Poor baby–all I’ve ever read are book reports for that beast… she has my sympathy.)

Anyway– I shall leave you with this:

On his way to bed tonight, Zoomboy put his arms out from his sides and started to hop up and down.

“Lookit me! I’m a jackhammer!”

Chicken and I couldn’t stop laughing:-)

0 thoughts on “Ding dong, the season’s dead…”

  1. roxie says:

    Zoomboy is a complete piece of work! What a hoot! And good answer to Big T. Way to pull the self-pity plug!

    Yayyy Chicken! Bravo for sticking it out and bravo for going out on a win!

  2. Big T is realizing he's not a child anymore. Sure he'll always be your baby, but the adult world is a scary place.

  3. Julie says:

    You know, I think those exasperated discussions we have with our offspring 'stick' more than all our careful reasoning. And he came out the other side feeling better AND you were honest, so it's a WIN!

    Congratulations to all your kids for doing well and coping. And congratulations to you for the same.

  4. Louiz says:

    Congrats on surviving the soccer season. I have been reliably informed that there are places in California where you can watch games of Brentford FC (my local soccer team, which is tiny) as apparently a few English film stars who have relocated to California are big fans… which always surprises me.

  5. Chris says:

    Yay for the end of soccer season. It can't possibly last that long in MN, because everyone would be frozen dead on the field. 🙂

  6. Donna Lee says:

    Isn't it a little cold for soccer? Since the temps here are below freezing this week, the thought of rolling in mud makes my skin crawl. (actually rolling in the mud in any weather makes my skin crawl, I'm kind of princessy)

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