Dinner With Friends

Okay–I admit, I’m a little sleepy. My friend Karen and her husband Martin were in town, and we met for dinner, and you know something?

This is not something I do often.

I was thinking about it.

I know maybe one married couple that Mate and I will meet–every other couple I know is out of town.  That’s probably because all my friends are people I know across the country, and many of his friends no longer work where he does, but on the one hand, it’s sort of sad.

On the other hand, that made tonight especially awesome–but it made me particularly tired.

Mate and I are back on the exercise saddle too–and for me, it couldn’t have come at a better time. There’s nothing more awesome than a swim around noon on a day that’s about to get SUPER DOOPER hot. Also– my Monday instructor is now doing aqua-Zumba. It’s A-MA-ZING.

The kids are gearing up for the end of school. We have five days left, and I, for one, am REALLY excited. I th ink one of the most exciting things is that this year, dance recital isn’t until August. So this year we get to have a lovely rest period before the madness of dance. And I’m looking forward to it.

So, not much doing. For Sacramento peeps, there’s a reading on Thursday night at Time Tested Books in downtown. There’s going to be some great writers there–me, Kim Fielding, J. Scott Coatsworth, Jeff Adams, Liz Pharaim, Stephanie Lake–come join us if you’re in the area. I’m reading from String Boys and it should be awesome!


Sac Pride–I’ll be at the QSWAF booth on Sunday! Come see!

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