Okay– so I’m trying to work when the kids are home.

It’s not going swimmingly.  (Heh heh… get it? Swimmingly? Because we went swimming yesterday?)

Anyway… today I did a curious thing.  It’s been a while since I’ve done something like this, and I think I’m starting to feel the grip of that sleep deprivation/stress cycle that I lived inside for a couple of years.

I had an agenda:

A. Go get coffee.
B. Go to weight watchers.
C. Take the dogs home, work for an hour.
D. Take Zoomboy in to register for his classes.

I managed A and B– even though I was late and B was useless because I missed my meeting.

And then, in the middle of C, the kids started whining for milk. “Can we have milk? We ran out of milk this morning. Can we have milk?”

And in spite of the fact that D was obviously a much more solid priority, suddenly it MORPHED. It became, “Just let me finish what we’re doing and I’ll get milk, dammit!”

And I got back with the groceries, looked at the clock, and realized I’d just blown off a REALLY IMPORTANT part of my day.

Now hopefully I can get that back tomorrow, but I’m a little worried.  It was just so easy to do.

So. Easy.

Which is something this summer is not looking to be anymore.  There is no easy in this summer at all.

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