Disposable Humans

 Knees ache. Fingers ache. Today I could actually hear my crepitus  echo. And we all know what happened in the Supreme Court. Fuckers. So Mate is pulling me out of my chair because I can’t make it without help at the moment, and he says, “This is the last time for the night, right?”

And at that moment my knee gives a giant pop.

And I start to cry.

“I’m useless. I’m so stupid. So stupid. I never should have gotten this fat. If I wasn’t this fat my knees wouldn’t be crumbling so bad.”

“You’e not stupid.”

“I’m disposable. Ask the Republicans. I’m too old to be an EZ Bake anymore–absolutely worthless. I have a uterus which satisfies their one requirement for being a woman but it doesn’t function, anymore. Women’s healthcare is a sin. You could throw me in a trash can but there’s not one big enough.”

“I’m not throwing you away.”

“If we lived in a red state you could just shoot me and let my body fall into the trash truck. It would be fine.”

“No. Nobody’s getting thrown away.”

“Progressives want to–they’re great at finding reasons someone isn’t good enough to join their club. They throw people away like tissue–there is no other side of the story.”

“Well, those are Twitter people. They’re like Sicarians (sic) in Guardians of the Galaxy. They’re like paper people. In real life you could kick their asses with no knees.”

“In real life I couldn’t kick their asses when I had knees.”

“Well, you’ve always been a pacifist.”

“True. Even when it meant getting my ass kicked.”

“And you always got up again.”

*sniffles * “I just need more help right now.”

“I’ll help. I swear I won’t throw you away.”

*more sniffles* “Even though I’m stupid enough to get fat?”



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