Do Not Open Until…


But seriously– the picture was SOOOOOOOO purty. I mean… just… ADORABLE! And, well…

Suggestive as all hell.

Now I realize I write a certain kind of book. Where certain kind of things are going to happen. And pretty people are going to make naked music. I get this.

But I sweartadog– SWEAR– that the first two options I gave for this book were… well…


The blonde guy? With the braid? He’s almost forty. He’s got a kid. He’s like, quiet. Grave. Sober. And six feet, six inches tall.

So one option I gave for a cover was… well… I can’t really say. Because it was hilarious. And for once this is a comedy, and I wanted it to be known it was a comedy, because so much that I write just grabs the heartstrings and yanks. But they didn’t go with that one. There was another picture–this one of a kid (his kid) staring at a butterfly chrysalis with absolute attention, and the two adults behind him looking at each other with a completely “WTF?” expression. (Another funny scene. Trust me. It’ll have you rolling.) And I thought that might be a cute option.

And my third option?

Yeah. That was the option featuring the raw sex in the shower.

Guess who went with Option C.

I’m not complaining, mind you–because, well, IT’S HELLA FRICKIN’ PURTY! But, well…

Mate was looking at the original sketch as I babbled about it being, you know. Hella frickin’ purty. And we had this conversation (Some of you may have heard this before–sorry. My need to babble like an idiot won out over my need to be discreet about Mate’s lack of awareness about what it is I do in the wee hours of the night on my computer.):

“That’s a very nice picture, Amy. But why does the one with the dark hair have his eyes closed?”

“Because the guy with the blonde hair is fucking him blind below the cut off point in the picture, dearest.”


“Well, they seem to think so.”

“I’m out of here.”

And then it was just me, looking at the picture, in awe, and wondering how good that picture of the blonde guy naked with a baseball bat scaring the bejeebers out of the dark haired guy in front of the refrigerator really could have looked.

So, anyway…

The story has a lot of ties to the song “Piazza New York Catcher” by Belle and Sebastian The only reason I mention this is because one of the lines from the song is “the Giants and Mets will play…” and the song is VERY suggestive of San Francisco and baseball. This is important because…

That’s where we’re going tomorrow.

And yes. I’m getting away from the computer–and for a little while, it will be a real vacation!


I’ll tell you all about it on Sunday… in the meantime, enjoy the hella frickin’ purty picture–and don’t forget to vote for If I Must!

0 thoughts on “Do Not Open Until…”

  1. GrillTech says:

    anLets see some pictures of the trip…

  2. Chris says:

    That story gets giggles even on the reread. 🙂 Gorgeous cove!

    Have fun!!

  3. roxie says:

    Have a great, great vacation!

    (bet you have internet withdrawal twitches.)

  4. GrillTech says:

    anLets see some pictures of the trip…

  5. Laurel says:

    Hope you and the fam have a fabulous vacation! With so many book related things going on (squeeee!!!), you deserve a bit of a break!

  6. Now I realize I write a certain kind of book. You have how many books out and you now realized?

    Cute cover.

  7. Galad says:

    A real mini-vacation! Have a wonderful time and we do need pictures.

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