Doesn’t ANYONE stop talking?

I have officially remembered why I went to part time.

I had a staff meeting today–didn’t get home until 5:15–the short people were… well…

Amazingly talkative.

I spent two hours on the couch with my squishy Ladybug kitty and a cowgirl and a kid who needed to look at a Wal-Mart catalogue and a kid who needed milk and a kid who needed dinner and then needed a hotdog and then needed to sit on my lap and one who wanted to enact a dentist appointment (where three out of four went with their father) and one who wanted to touch my knitting and one who wanted to show me toys and one who wanted a story book…

I really only have two kids who fit on my lap–you all know that, right?

OI! I finally lost my temper–ENOUGH!!! And threw the shortest, squishiest one in her bed. The bony angular one fell asleep within a minute and a half afterward–in our bed. And I thought the noise would stop.

I mean–I’d done a major re-org on two classes to get them to shut up–and they did. My 3rd period asked me for a reason to read the Declaration of Independence in the same breath (I’m not shitting you) that they asked me what I voted on Prop 8–I told them the answer to both–again in the same breath.

They were absolutely silent. But they were the only ones.

There was a meeting, there was other teachers, there were voices in my head–none of it stopped, not once.

And then I got home and nobody stopped talking–it was very weird. Even after the short people went to bed, Big T wouldn’t stop talking.

Weird. Weird. Weird.

And now, everyone’s asleep but me, sitting alone, working quietly on my Noro Landscape scarf (this simple and almost poetic blend of a simple stitch pattern and yarn the color of a November day–Interweave Crochet Winter issue) and finally, FINALLY it’s quiet.

I must say, even weirder.

(btw–my favorite refrigerator magnet of all times said “When it walks out of the fridge, let it go!” What’s yours?)

Oh yeah–this was my first choice… (Donna Lee, I totally snagged this from you, and I bet you’re laughing uproariously at the moment!)

My last choice of designs, btw? Teacher.

You Should Be a Social Worker

You are deeply caring and empathetic.

You are able to take on other people’s problems as if they were your own.

Sensitive and intuitive, you understand human emotions well.

Helping others gives you the most joy in life. You feel like it’s your purpose in life.

You do best when you:

– Have a lot of responsibility

– Greatly impact someone’s life with your work

You would also be a good philanthropist or stay at home parent.

0 thoughts on “Doesn’t ANYONE stop talking?”

  1. Wow. That’s quite a day. Sorry my floating head contributed to your noise overload. I heard he left my face up there waaaaaaay too long. Goob.

  2. Galad says:

    Aha! I knew there was a secret social worker lurking in there 🙂

    Although our house is peaceful now (except for mewing cats), I remember the days of constant chatter. It is exhausting! I’m sending positive vibes for peace and quiet your way.

  3. Perky is chatting non stop through the work outs. While its nice to know what’s going on in her life, there are times…

  4. Donna Lee says:

    That picture was my second choice. It was a toss up and yesterday I was feeling the blue one. Somedays by the time I leave work, I feel like if one more person even thinks of talking to me, I will explode and all the words I’ve accumulated all day will come pouring out.

    Thank goodness the short people still go to bed before you do! That was such a saving grace. Now, I go to bed earlier than everyone else. That’s when I find the quiet.

  5. roxie says:

    Hi, mom. You get a choice. Would you rather they all talked to you all the time about everything, or would you prefer that none of them talk to you at all about anything? Note:you can have either, but not some of one and some of the other. Either you are a mom they can talk to, or you aren’t. As the country song says, “You’re gonna miss this.” Ok, maybe not the meeting at work. But look at it this way – when you die, you go straight to heaven because no diety makes you go through hell twice, and you’ve already sat through too many meetings.

  6. Unknown says:

    Any update on Bitter Moon II? I am dying to read this book. I just discovered your books and am finished with them all.

  7. Amy Lane says:

    Andrea–I was going to update the website– Bitter Moon II is done, for all intents and purposes–we’re waiting for the money to publish. I get my next royalty check at the beginning of December–we were going to put that into the publishing!

    Don’t forget to check the website, though ( because Yearning (a new novella that connects with Green’s Hill) is up, and Waiting, the next one, is going up this weekend–when, I, uhm, update the blog:-) Thanks for dropping in!

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