Dogs– the smart and the not so much…

Today was super exciting because I got to go walking by myself.

Yeah– I know. For those of us doing the social distancing thing, exciting is relative, but, hey, we take our wins where we can get them.  Anyway– when I say “by myself” I, uh, MEAN by myself. Not only did Mate and the kids stay home, but so did everybody else in the world. The park was so quiet–and so deserted–that I didn’t use my earbuds while listening to my audiobook, because my ears are almost always pressurized anyway (worst part about flying) so I didn’t have to suffer through. Anyway–nobody to hear the sex scene but me–go figure, right?

So quiet, in fact, that the bunnies came out.

Well, like I said– we take our “excitement” where we can get it.

Anyway–in other wins, Mate and I are stunned at the way we’ve managed to conserve toilet paper. *crosses fingers* Maybe they’ll have some in the stores by Saturday? After that it’s paper towels for sure.

Also,  we have figured out that Nebula takes a bath in his water bowl every morning. *shrugs* I got nothing. Totally psycho and utterly charming.

Chicken managed to talk us into watching Tiger King, because she wanted to share in the WHAT THE HOLY FUCK IS THIS! Sentiment. I told her she was like one of those raccoons, and she didn’t know what I was talking about, so I give you this:

So, watch Tiger King if you want a taste of mango chutney and burnt hair in your psyche. I personally hope we stop after part one, because it’s bananas.

And, to finish off our nothing day, I have this:

As  I stood up to go give the dog’s treats, I said, “Hey, Mate, want to help me give the dogs–“

“Flea treatment?” he said from the living room.

“Yeah–how did you know?”

He was looking down the hallway. “Because Johnnie saw you grab the box and is now hiding under the bed.”

“Are you kidding me?” (We can never get Johnnie out from under the bed–it’s a king sized bed with no clearance–you’d have to be quite literally the size of a small dog.)

“Nope.” He cuddled Geoffie while I broke out her combo flea prevention/heartworm meds. “But you’re just going to sit here and take it, aren’t you?”

On the counter was a hamburger left over from lunch. I ripped off a chunk of it and after she’d swallowed her pill I gave her the hamburger–she was WAY excited, and Mate used the moment to rattle the dog treat bag to try to entice Johnnie out of the bedroom.

Didn’t work.

So, Johnnie is sitting next to me, staring balefully at me as I work, asking for a dog treat, and Geoffie is probably bragging in dog about how SHE got a hamburger for being a good girl.

I figure she deserves it 😉

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