Don’t even f-ing bother?

Okay, I’m having a quiet day, taking a nap, mooching around the house and spending an inordinate amount of time holding my babies…(yeah…it’s a hardship…) and all and all, I’m feeling pretty satisfied w/my day…I’ve gotten in some knitting, some working on another, secret project that I’m keeping secret because I suck at it but want to share anyway, and a lot of television watching. I took a nap. In short, this is maybe one of four or five days that has been spent doing the things I love most about summer vacations as a whole.

And then I read my horoscope for the day…

September 22 – October 22
It may be hard for you to feel connected to anyone today, dear Libra. You are probably better off just keeping to yourself. If you are feeling sad or depressed, it is best to work through these feelings on your own. Other people are not apt to be too sympathetic to your situation. You are better off sticking to your work in order to keep the demons out of your head.

Only the media can spin the sunny side of an average day into “Don’t even fucking bother.” I’m happy, dammit…I swear to Goddess I am. And I don’t have any homework today, so you can take that to the bank!

0 thoughts on “Don’t even f-ing bother?”

  1. “If you are feeling sad or depressed, it is best to work through these feelings on your own.”

    You should be fine, you’re not depressed anymore. School’s out.

  2. roxie says:

    My horoscope so rarely relates to my life that I think my parents may have lied about my birthday. I’ll do a Rastafarian horoscope. Ares, “Don’t worry. Be happy.” Libra, “Don’t worry. Be happy.”
    Scorpio,”Don’t worry. Be happy.”
    Pisces, “Don’t worry. Be happy.”
    Virgo, . . .

  3. Horoscopes are booboo most of the time.

  4. Bells says:

    you go right ahead and be happy, damn it!

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