Okay– I spent all week editing.  First there was Forever Promised, which is on it’s second edit and will probably get one more.  Then there was Bitter Moon I&II, which Harmony Ink, the LGBTQ YA imprint is going to look at.

Shaking my editing coma is rough.  I seriously didn’t realize I’d forgotten to post on a posting day!

Anyway, I’ve spent part of my day doing some fanfiction to work out my angst kinks, because the next thing I’m working on is Ethan’s story, and it’s sad.  I figured some Dean and Benny would work the ‘nots’ right out of my work, and I was right.  I’m dying to write it now, and Ethan makes me want to hug him, no sex necessary.

I spent the rest of my day taking the kids to gymnastics and then to the dollar store, where Zoomboy stocked up on fake mustaches, because you never can get enough of those, am I right?

 Anyway– some highlights I’ve missed, in no particular order, while I spent time in the editing coma:

Last weekend was Mother’s day– the kids took me and Alex out to lunch, which was nice, and the day before we went to a movie with Auntie Wendy, and spent part of the day looking for a chair to replace the one in the living room that I can’t sit in because it breaks my person.  In the meantime, we found our favorite furniture set ever.  Squish even agrees, see?

So Mother’s day was awesome, and I loved it, and I was well taken care of, and I took care of my mother’s too.  (Okay– I did call my stepmom and wished her a happy day.  She was grateful and understanding.  She got me and mine for Easter, and I had my family call her when I was gone for her birthday.  As long as I have my kids at her place for Camp Grandma and we show up for my nephew’s graduation party, I think we’re good, karmically speaking.)

Also this week, was the great bowel purge.

No– it was even less glamorous than that.

See, I had to have my drain snaked, just to make sure all was well in the internal combustion, and as we all know, the prep os the worst part of the process because it leaves us spacey and hungry and irritated and bored.  Hell, even eating vegetables during writing time is better than eating nothing, right?  And after all of that, and the sleeping I did after the purging, you know the thing that irritated me the most?

The co-payment.

Seriously– I was like, “Okay, so I starve myself, I purge myself, and then you charge me to shove something up my sphincter and take a picture?”  It’s like they don’t realize that in all of the movies I’ve been watching, we’re actually paying to watch exactly that!  Which reminds me– don’t ask what the magnesium nitrate tastes like.  Uhm… just don’t.

So all of that, just to get a compliment on my sigmoid:  See?  Look how pink and healthy it is!  That’s really quite impressive!  You don’t see sigmoids that healthy in middle-aged women, really!”  So my hair is gray but I have the sigmoid of a twenty-year-old.  Let’s hear it for snap peas and hummus!

Anyway– on the way back from the procedure, as Mate and I were looking for a restaurant, we discovered this–it’s Gatsby’s Diner.  Since we saw the movie the other night (and I loved it, although Lurman should be fined for pacing without a rhythm, but that’s a whole other post) and, more relevantly to me, anyway, since I named a fictional club in Sacramento “Gatsby’s Nick”, I thought that Gatsby’s Diner was close, and should get mention.  The place actually had cars and everything.  I was impressed.

 Oh– and Zoomboy.

After parading my sigmoid for it’s photo-op, I went to the volunteer tea held by the school, and I was really sort of honored, both with fruit and cake and music and a nifty keychain– I think the tea is a lovely gesture for the volunteers and it sure is great to talk to the teachers.  The school choir was lovely as well, and I was thrilled to hear them.


Because, you see, ZB is in the band, and that night was their annual recital.  (We have a lot of fuzzy pictures, which I will spare you, showing ZB playing the flute.  I figured his close-up as he’s telling us to “go away!” will have to do!)

So yeah.  Thursday was busy, and last night we went and saw Star Trek (and again– we’re talking a whole other post on the awesomeness of reworking tropes and expected plot elements and making them new and amazing) and today…

Well, today I took the kids to gymnastics, and then to visit their dad as he signed up soccer players, and then to the dollar store.

Where Squish bought a recorder, and ZB bought fake mustaches.

Because you never can get enough of that sort of thing.

Also today, I finally got to hear the Bibliojunkies CD’s for Keeping Promise Rock and Chase in Shadow.  Sheer.  Awesomeness.  I’ll post the songs here, but keep a look on their site– they’re going to make a list on Spotify, and fans of Chase in Shadow, especially, are going to want to hear Belinda’s amazing picks for this story.  The fact that I wrote the song hearing Johnny Cash’s version of “Hurt” in my head and she put that song on the soundtrack is an eerie testament to how well she nailed much of the mood of one of my darker stories.  It’s a real talent and I’m grateful she shared it with me–and then let me share with you, right here:

Fa Fa Fa – Guster

Percussion Gun – White Rabbits
Ways & Means – Snow Patrol
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face – Coldplay
Feel So Close – Calvin Harris
Go All The Way – Perry Farrell
Ride – Cary Brothers
Impossible – Anberlin
Crazy – Alanis Morrissette
Cracks – Freestylers
Hurt – Johnny Cash
Sense – Pete Yorn
Take A Picture – Filter
Here’s Where The Story Ends – the Sundays 

Also something cool–

Sometime while exchanging with Marc Smith, who is a fan, I inspired a brief story which he published on his blog, right here. It was gorgeous, and I thought I should share that too!

So, *whew*  I’ll go off on movie tropes tomorrow.  Now?  I’m down for a nap!

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  1. Becky says:

    Oh, honey. Don't knock a pink and healthy colon. I would knit exclusively with Red Heart every day for the rest of my life if it meant a healthy colon.

  2. Donna Lee says:

    I haven't seen Star Trek yet. I couldn't face the crowds. I think it will be our reward for going to the dentist this week.

    You know there's a pill prep available for the cleansing procedure? I begged for it because I have a very strong gag reflex and couldn't keep the liquid stuff down.

  3. roxie says:

    Considering all the digestive difficulties you have had, a pink and healthy sigmoid colon is wonderful news!! And I'm so glad they let us sleep through the procedure!!

    You can never have too many fake mustaches/

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