Dreaming in Poetry, Writing in Twitter

* Watching five year olds squaredance is highly amusing. My son is all hands and elbows–and he never goes in the right direction.

* The line for refreshments at Open House moved by attrition–but cavetroll HAD to have his pizza.

* The animal he made out of clay was a seven-legged bright yellow starfish. Too much Spongebob, not enough math.

* Knittech keeps sending me Supernatural videos. I love Knittech.

* “Ms. Lane–guess where I was on Tuesday?”


“Taking my naturalization oath. I’m a citizen now!”


* “In answer to your question, if I’d totally quit on you, Berto, do you think I’d be up here SCREAMING AT YOU ALL TO SHUT UP, DO YOUR WORK, AND PASS THE GODDAMNED CLASS?”

* Cavetroll started to play the “hypochondriac game” this morning–claimed he had a broken leg. Mate threatened to leave him home if he didn’t get his ass in gear. “Mate, you can’t DO that,” I said quietly. So Mate gave him a Motrin instead. Cavetroll wanted to play chase on the way out to the car.

* Chicken’s pscychocat hasn’t pulled his tongue in his mouth in three days. He just likes the look.

* My shorts and my haircut: Good ideas in theory, comfortable in execution, and shittier in appearance than anything I’ve tried in recent memory.

* Our rat is dying of cancer. I need a big spatula to scrape Chicken off the floor when poor ol’ Lullaby goes toes-up. Fucking rat.

* I found someone to take my 4th period on Thursday so Mate could go to training. Mate told me training was canceled.

* Six different people made the connection to American Romanticism from Supernatural without my help. I feel like all that class time watching the show doesn’t make me a bad teacher after all.

* I took Chicken to the orthodontists yesterday. FTR? There is NO shortcut from Fair Oaks to Lincoln. It’s all suburbs, all the fucking way.

* Had to ask Big T a pop culture question. And quietly shut him down fifteen minutes later when he was still detailing the answer. All I needed was two words: Judd Apatow.

* Can anyone come up with a porn movie title that rhymes with “Pride and Prejudice?” The closest our staff room came was “The Bride and Festishist.”

* I’ll take any other Jane Austen/Shakespeare/Dickens recommendations for that sort of thing. But “Great Expectations” sort of speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

* Ladybug wants to be Cavetroll when she turns five. Oh, baby–anything but that!

0 thoughts on “Dreaming in Poetry, Writing in Twitter”

  1. Unknown says:

    Well, there could be MacGirth, Julius Teaser, A Tale of Two Pussies, and Sex and Sensuality for instance. Challenge met.

  2. Delurking to say:

    Ride the PrepuceApologies. Re-lurking now.

  3. Donna Lee says:

    Poor chicken. Losing a pet is hard even if it is a rat. And ladybug has some big shoes to fill if she wants to be cave troll when she grows up. Poor you.

  4. On the plus side, CaveTroll (Spazoboy, Big Q) didn’t pull the ohhh my ovaries, like Bart on the Simpsons.

    A Tail of Two Cums

  5. roxie says:

    Umm, Pride and Prejudice would actually make a pretty good porn title. Comparing racial stereotypes and all . . .

    Hornio and Drooliette, Midsummernight Wet Dream, The Temptress, The Taming of the Crew (a rowing crew with a very discipline oriented coach – sweaty bare backs and a masterful woman calling, “Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!”)

  6. NekoSamurai says:

    Oh The Hoe! (Othello, admittadly a bit weak) North Hand Job Abbey. ;]
    Poor Chicken give her my love and moral support!

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