I was just thinking about dreams.

We all have them–things we’d do in a perfect world.

Of course, by adulthood, we know that the world is not perfect, and even if we got what we think we wanted, we’d find that we wanted something else all along. This is not always true–sometimes, it’s EXACTLY what we thought we wanted, we just thought we’d be better people when we got it. As a fellow writer said to me, “Hey–if we’re worried about writing and editing deadlines, that means we’re successful. We’re working!”

I said, “I thought success came with a smaller waistline and a better car–geez, SOMEBODY has good press, because that is SO not the case!”

We both laughed our asses of, but that does bring about the idea that once you’ve achieved one dream, you’re going to dream about making it better, and then you’re going to get other dreams, and you will ALWAYS HAVE something to dream about–or at least you will if you’re going to embark on any sort of creative endeavor whatsoever.

So, thinking about this, and about “In a perfect world with a fat bank account, what *I* want to do is…”

And I came up with this–and I love it. I may never achieve it, but that’s what makes it such a perfect dream.

Besides the whole NYT Best Seller list (don’t hold your breath–not in MY genre!) thing, there’s the fact that I want to meet people.

In my last post, Roxie said, “Hey–if you’re going to be in Washington, VISIT ME!” Unfortunately, I’m going to be in CANADA, but that doesn’t mean that Mate and I haven’t been entertaining half-baked notions of how to visit Roxie and Knit Tech and Julie and LittleWitch and Galad and Donna Lee– every time we propose a trip, I think of someone I could say hi to as I passed. I’d load up my vehicle with the full tub of fabric JUST FOR ROXIE, and a whole lot of yarn for Knit Tech and even more sock yarn for Donna Lee, and a variety of things for Galad and books for LittleWitch and Bonnie and… and on and on and on.. and I’d just visit you and squeee, and jump up and down and leave big honkin’ gifts on your doorstep and drive away to visit someone else and wish I could come back.

The really cool thing about writing full time now, is that I keep thinking, “Hey! THAT came true, right?” Of course, not the way I’d envisioned it, but it came true nonetheless, and I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe, that other thing can come true too. And after that happens, I’m fully confident that there will be other dreams in wait.

And of course, there will by my children’s dreams to come true as well.

I’ve already pointed out that some of the drawbacks of what I do is a REALLY hyperactively busy brain, but that’s also one of the perks. It means that when I’m dreaming, I’m not just drooling on the couch with my eyes glazed. (Actually, when I do that, fetch me a soda, because there really is NO EEG activity going on there, NONE, and I need caffeine STAT!) It means that when I’m dreaming I’m CREATING, and often when someone is CREATING, there is not just the ozone stink of unaccustomed brain activity being generated, there is some sort of tangible RESULT. Dreaming begets DOING, and DOING begets ACCOMPLISHING, and that is a very fine dream indeed.

So alas, I’m not going to show up on Roxie’s doorstep on Sunday with flowers and a huge-assed container of fabric–not yet.

But someday, sweetheart, you can betcyersweetass I will. And everyone else? Stock up on the diet coke (or, yanno, turn off the lights and hide behind the couch!) because it’ll happen. I have faith:-)

Oooh– and funnies! Kewyn has been telling monster jokes–we have the following:

“What did one vampire say to the other vampire? You can enter this room over my dead body!”

“What did the ghost say when it was drinking a glass of water? This is going to go right through me!” (Okay– this last one is moderately funny, but when accompanied by Zoomboy’s following explanation, it’s fucking hilarious! “See? If a ghost drinks water, it will go LITERALLY right through them, as opposed to when I drink water, and then it goes FIGURATIVELY right through me, because then I have to pee!” *nods head* And now you’re laughing so hard, so do you!)

And finally, mom’s addition to the list, because ZB was having trouble with Zombies:

“Why did the boss fire the zombie? He started out okay but then things really started falling off.”

Ta-Da! Funnies:-)

(Friday, I’m posting about Alpha, and it’s gonna be up for a little while so beware, ‘kay? Then it’s all me, loose on Vancouver streets, mostly by myself. Be afraid British Columbia–be very very very afraid!)

0 thoughts on “Dreaming”

  1. Catie says:

    Hold up – you're coming to Canada? Too bad you won't be in Calgary… But I suppose Vancouver is really pretty – I'm sure you'll enjoy it. In case someone hasn't already told you – you should go Granville Island.

  2. roxie says:

    Diet Coke? You are so ON! And there's a water park a scant five miles away so your Mate and my DH can take the kids away for the day and we can settle in with beverages of choice and knitting and talk ourselves hoarse. Right after I roll around in that fabric.

  3. NeedleTart says:

    Oh, how I wish you could come an visit. I posted and "Help!"

  4. Heck ya, we should plan a gathering. Roxie, you and any other people who'd like to get together.

    Oh wait, they've done that, I believe it was called sock summit….

  5. Galad says:

    Diet Coke and the light left on whenever you come this way! I keep thinking Nicole and I will make it your way but somehow life shit keeps intervening.

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