Okay– I’ll be honest. I’m not expecting to make it much past round one, but I’m SO grateful for the people who nominated me, and excited and just, really really amped! to be on the nominee list, that I’ll shamelessly beg for some votes anyway:-)

I’m actually in the second set of votes– so, Round 1, set 2, and that opens at noon tomorrow (March 16th, CST)–but here’s the link for when it’s all ready.

In the interest of being totally honest, I will tell you this: If I’m a good girl and get all my computer stuff done early, I plan to walk away from the computer and not obsess too much. For one thing, I have kids to pick up (no gym, because it’s raining and my son’s out early) but for another…

I could easily let this totally overtake my itty-bitty bug brain.

My bug brain shorts out too easily as it is.

So I’ll be finishing some socks for my auntie, or a shawl for my granny, or working enthusiastically on A Solid Core of Alpha (which is going really well at present–I’m liking it) or, well, anything but worrying.

I ain’t kidding when I tell you that the cake was in the nomination. All the rest is icing. (Okay– I’m looking forward to voting for a lot of the other nominees–I’ve always loved this contest–this year, I just love it a little bit more:-)

0 thoughts on “DUBWAHA: ROUND 1”

  1. OMG! That's hysterical! You're goign to walk away from the computer? STOP IT!

    Oh, you're serious? Well, then…

    Those socks are coming along very nicely. But…

    Aren't they suppose to be the same size? Just asking. No reason to get all huffy.

    You said, you was staying away from the computer…

  2. roxie says:

    Sounds like a good plan. Take your little bug brain somewhere else so it doesn't esplode with stresss. Meanwhile, I'm gonna vote for you. Every tiny bit helps.

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