Easy travel?

Should be the name of a book, right?  Because seriously– got to the airport at a nice hour, got to hug everybody goodbye, got to the hotel in a timely manner, check in was a breeze, and I was downstairs at seven, playing with authors at RT Bootcamp and make your own blurb!


Afterwards, we had a strategy meeting, followed by an expanding group of people at a cocktail party that felt like old friend I’d never met.  *waves at Carrie Anne Ryan & Charity the swag-hag! (I need your info, so I can link you!)* *waves at Christina Lauren* *waves at Damon Suede, Tere Michaels, Christopher Rice* *waves at Jennifer Armentrout*  *waves at Trent Hart and everybody I forgot*

Okay, so it got a little bigger than I’d planned.

So, that was fun!  Later than I’d planned, but fun!

And I got back, and I saw that  amazon had put Clear Water on Sale for $1, you know, in case you haven’t read it yet.

And Chicken sent me THIS, which is the reason adverting should exist.  Seriously. It’s worth the price of admission for the frog humping a pole, which is not symbolic at ALL.

So anyway– now there’s some writing, and some sleeping and some… ooh… listening to music.

And maybe some knitting!


Funny story…

Difference between writer’s brain and reality.

Sitting next to a man, dark hair, dark eyes, slick dresser, great hair, in his fifties, thick, gorgeous accent.  Goes to pay for his red wine (!) with a big wad of cash.  I think, “Oh my God, I’m sitting next to a Soprano!”  plot plot plot…

Turns out, he’s head waiter in a really nice Italian restaurant.

And we had  GREAT conversation.  (But the mob boss would have been fun to write about. Sayin’…)

Night all.. oh!  If you tweet, check out Cinema Craptastique tomorrow– we’re watching the Kellan Lutz version of Hercules at 5:30 or thereabouts!


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