Eggs like giant bunny poop…

Mostly, I’ve got a bunch of little stuff– think of them like verbal Easter eggs, stuffed full of chocolate (we hope) goodness…

* Knittechkeeps sending me the most AWESOME Supernatural videos, for which I will always love her, and my bank account will always hold a grudge against both of us! But a public shout-out, darling, because Thunderstruck is one of my top three faves.

* Ladybug’s poop did NOT turn yellow– but her father DID have to put her and her brother in the car and take them driving until they fell fast asleep because they were little spazznados until that happened. She actually ATE A DYE TABLET–I was so surprised. Even as a baby she wasn’t a ‘mouther’ but she was playing with the tablets and the little buckets and there it went… crunch crunch crunch. Ick.

* I forgot to mentioned that Little Q’s feet were pink. Bright. Pink.

* I lost my fucking mind this morning, and when the first alarm went off I tried to kick Mate out of bed to go hide Easter eggs. Mate (rather indignantly–go figure!) asked if he mightn’t wait until THE FUCKING SUN CAME UP, and I said, “I’m sorry I’m a fucking idiot. Go back to sleep.” I still don’t know what the hell I was thinking.

* The eggs WERE hidden at a suitable hour. A little too suitable– we had to knock a couple of slugs off. (ick. just. fucking. ick.)

* It’s a good thing they were plastic eggs!

* The hard-boiled ones got mushed up for lunch while I was cooking dinner today. The spices declared war on the amateur in their midst and the chili powder plastic ‘shaker’ lid came off when I was spicing the egg salad–I had to add the rest of the eggs and much of the mayo just to compensate for the big FUCKING DUMP of red spice in what was supposed to be a mild concoction of my usual. (Garlic salt, lemon pepper, chili powder– it kills almost anything that rears it’s ugly head and insists on gastronomic autonomy.)

* Ladybug went through two Easter dresses today. That’s okay–I got pictures of both!

* The big kids loved the ham, loved the Easter eggs, and REALLY loved the showing of The Sound of Music–the only traditions I’ve really carried on from my misspent yute. (My Cousin Vinny was on the other night too–can you tell?”

* The house is clean– that won’t last.

* And Ladybug needs me–I’ll rant tomorrow on the fuckwittery–but to see it done at it’s best, check out The Smart Bitches and you too can wonder how long it will take before amazon realizes what I write and my sales plummet to the freaking basement, and then Billy Graham will take over in an unholy coup and we’ll be operating in a Puritan regime. *sigh * Okay– I might have had a little rant today.

* But I really owe Ladybug a snuggle– I’ll be back tomorrow with an attempt at little girls in pink dresses.

0 thoughts on “Eggs like giant bunny poop…”

  1. Yes, Thunderstruck is too much for words. Sounds like a wonderful dinner, even if you had to make too much egg salad. (Did it go to waste? Doubt it.)

  2. Donna Lee says:

    Gotta love the yutes of america. We all have blue/red/purple/green fingers from the egg dye and there’s not a child among us! Too bad she didn’t have yellow poop…..

    I miss hiding eggs. A woman I was talking to said she hides a money egg for her grown kids and then gives them a time limit to find it. If they dont’ find it in time, they don’t get the money. I’m thinking of doing that next year. Of course, Pk says we should just pretend to hide the egg and tell them we did….

  3. roxie says:

    Oh, I always thought there was a tribe of Southwestern indians who were living in New England. “Da local Utes.” Sounds like a great Easter!

    Hmmm, maybe she’ll be like one of those white carnations you put in colored water. The yellow dye will rise up through her skin and give her a sunny, jaundiced look.

  4. So – a happy Easter all around then? 😉

  5. Galad says:

    Now I’m going to be thinking all day about Ladybug gradually turning yellow from the toes up like a carnation!

    It sounds like a good day despite the egg salad debacle. I’ve spilled spices before and had to add ingredients. Sometimes it works and sometimes it hits the garbage.

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