Enough of that Crap!

I could only let yesterday’s self-indulgent angst-fest stay up for one day–sorry about that–I try to only do that every so often, and, it being Friday, I’m gonna blame it on my students. Sometimes self-involved whining just spreads–I’ll try to take my immunity boosters of cynicism and self-awareness on a regular basis to try to keep it from happening again anytime soon.

Anyway, work sucks right now–it’s a student thing and I may go into it later, but I want to make up for yesterday so I won’t do it right now. Right now, I’m going to try to entertain you with my offspring–since they so very often entertain me!

***About three days ago the Cave Troll noticed a dying worm on the sidewalk outside of the babysitters. I like worms, so I got out a cup, let him scrap the worm to the grass, and sprinkled a little water on him to revive him. The next day, the worm was gone–I assume he’s eating dirt and shitting loam, which is what worms do, right? But last night, the Cave Troll indicated some dissatisfaction with the whole incident. I had made him SCRAPE the worm home. The Cave Troll wanted some hands on interaction with the little beastie, so he was complaining last night about not getting to pick up the worm himself. Apparently this really bothered him, because we got our dark-thirty angst alarm from the Cave Troll last night, as he was sleeping in our bed. Suddenly he started crying–and crying out: “Moooooom … I wanna touch the WOOOORRRM….”

I don’t even want to think about how Freudian that is, nope nope nope…EWWWWW!!!

***I dropped Ladybug off at daycare wearing the following: Gray sweats with blue and yellow flowers, a yellow T-Shirt, a gray sweatshirt with pink and yellow hearts, a pink lame skirt over the sweats, and a red and blue Spiderman mask. I had to talk her out of wearing two different shoes. Add it all up, and I don’t know what it equals, but I wish I’d had the camera.

*** Big T told me yesterday that he’s all three of the Montagues–Romeo, because he gets crushes, Mercutio, because sometimes he can’t stop talking, and Benvolio, because he’s a good friend. I love that kid!

***We ran out of toilet paper yesterday–and we never run out of toilet paper. So, while I was schlepping Chicken to the mall to try to find ‘local’ presents for her host families when she goes overseas, we get a phone call from Mate, saying something about my son, stranded on the commode. I told Chicken, who had the cell phone, to tell her dad that I left a a big box of Kleenex on the bed to tide everybody over. She laughed for twenty minutes. I don’t know why she did that, but it was nice to be of amusement to my offspring as they are to me.

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  1. TinkingBell says:

    Sounds about par for the corse – Daughter decided to turn spotty yesterday – hello chickenpox! When and where is Chicken off to?
    Son has woken me in the middle of the night to say stuff like that too – is it a boy thing, like sticking stuff up your nose?

  2. Donna Lee says:

    And my husband complains that I buy too much toilet paper. I have a morbid fear of running out of toilet papet at the same time we are out of tissues…..(wonder where that comes from?)
    Once my girls were old enough to choose their own clothes, I let them go. I wish I had recorded some of the outfits so that when I am an old lady in pastel jogging suits I could show them what they used to wear so they’ll leave me alone.

  3. Bells says:

    Fantastic stories!!! The worm, the outfit, shakespeare, toilet paper (we ran out yesterday too!) – you get all sorts when you come to Amy’s blog!

  4. roxie says:

    Atta girl! You do a great job of pulling your socks up and getting back into the march of progress. Yayy Amy!

    Love the kid stories. Be glad that he’s not crying, “I DON’T wanna touch the woooorm.” Even creepier freudian imagery. Eeeeew!

    Sacramento gifts? How about dried fruits? Native American stuff is good too. And have her take lots and lots of postcards to show off the area. Bon voyage, Chicken Little!

  5. Catie says:

    There, I am all caught up now. Work (school) has been a bit of a bitch, demanding weekend work and everything. I missed reading your blog and hearing the stories about your kids. Congrats on the book statistics. It sounds like Lady Bug is quite the fashionista.

  6. Louiz says:

    Kathryn likes to wear what she likes too… the only control I put on it is that it must be weather appropriate (after she tried to wear a vest (undershirt?) and socks and her wellie boots in the middle of winter once….

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