Epic hats of epicness and other oddities of hats

Amy’s Cover Reveal of the week–

Okay– it’s all about the random.  I actually feel bad– I remember on Wednesday, right when I posted Andrew’s post, I was like, “Wow!  I have so much to blog about!”  And then today, when I actually sat down to blog, my brain was like ~~~~~~~~~~~~  All crickets and white noise, all the time.  Part of that is the three edits dumped in my inbox, and part of it is that, well, school is back in session full swing.  Mate came home after his first week of work a little embarrassed.  “Real life wipes me out!”  Well, yeah, baby.  I think I can get on board with that!

Anyway– so a lot of running kids to and from school, a lot of “Mom, I’m out of lunch money!” and “Would you sign my homework!”  A lot of “Oh crap, what am I making for dinner?”  and plenty of “Oh Holy God, the Laundry Monster is BACK and he has TEETH and he wants my BLOOD!  BACK YOU FUCKER BACK!  I’VE GOT A TRASH BAG AND I’M NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!”

Well, that last one might be in my head a little.  Or, you know, a lot.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Anyway– as you can see, I’ve gotten a new cover (and the galley edit to go with it) and it’s BEAUTIFUL.  Paul Richmond, who has done my Promise Rock covers, as well as Mourning Heaven and the Christmas Advent Calendar overall covers, was asked specially by Elizabeth North to revive his “Cheesecake” line of art.  He did, especially for this cover and Elizabeth (who requested this story personally, Goddess adore her) has her Shiny!  I hope she loves it as much as Paul and I do– this whole project was so much fun!

And to my right we have AMY’S HAPPIES OF THE WEEK.  

The Paranormal Romance Guild gave me a cornucopia of honors– awards in best series, best novella (along with Aleksandr Voinov), best M/M paranormal fantasy story, best book in a series– and  damn, I’m forgetting a couple and I feel bad!  I posted them in my FB Group (Amy Lane Anonymous– go to FB and look us up, we take all comers!)  and I’m going to put them on my web site, but for now in the short term?

They made me so happy.

Gloria Lakritz has been my friend and cheerleader for years.  She’s funny, energetic, dearly devoted to her family, and so active in the paranormal romance community that everybody should know her name.  I love her dearly, and she has been such an advocate of m/m in the romance community.  Grammy and the PRG with their unflagging enthusiasm are sort of pioneers with blogging– before there was an overflow of book blogs, there was the PRG.  It’s growing stronger every day, and although I am, at best, a peripheral member, I still remember my roots with Grammy– and I’m proud.

 Next on the list of things to I’ve tried to save for you all–

Amy’s Memes of the Week

This first one makes me really proud– I tweeted the saying, and it hit FaceBook, and in a day, it was a thing.  Will Parkinson put it on a meme– and the fonts are a little warped, but I really love how awesome what I wrote looks when it’s got graphics!

And I think I got this from someone on Twitter:

And I got this from K-Lee Klein:

And this one from Mary My Mary

And this one from Mary my Mary with a slightly threatening subtext of get your ass in gear and fucking write.  Which is flattering.  And a little frightening too.

And this one from Mary my Mary too.  Because she’s generous that way 🙂


And we’ve got two things going on in this photo set– we’ve got the epic hat of epicness– which is complete!  (This was taken right before Mate went to bed– he was SOOOOO tired!)  And next to that was the easier hat I’m making for Squish, which I have dubbed the less-than-epic hat of adequacy.  Self-striping yarn.  What can I say?  I’m a fan. Especially because I’m STILL working on weaving in the ends for the epic hat of epicness.  I’m saving a little pile of yarn ends, so I can look at it and gloat at my awesomeness when I’m done.

Then we have my other social media moments–

Amy’s Facebook post of the week:

A Conversation Between Me and My Dog:

Dog: Yip yip yip!

Me: What is it, Johnny? Where’s the fucker? C’mon boy, what’re you barking at? Where’s the fucker?

Dog: Fucker! Get him! Get the fucker! He’s here! Get the fucker!

Me: I don’t see the fucker, Johnny– where is he?

Dog: Yip yip! There IS no fucker! The BASTAGES! There IS no fucker and the absence of fuckers OFFENDS ME!

Me: Man, if there’s no fucker, just go outside and pee!

Dog: I shall go outside and PEE, and there is a big dog next door, and he is a FUCKER! Oh THERE’S the fucker! Lemme bark at the fucker! Bad fucker, bad!

Me: I’m doing laundry. Let me know if you kill the fucker, dog, I’ll be here.


Amy’s tweet of the week:

Omg! This book keeps talking about “wet folds” and I keep thinking, “Jesus, bitch, dry your fucking laundry!” Het really IS for pussies!!!

Followed by

Amy’s most random thought of the week (ala Teen Wolf)

Amy:  Hey!  Derek and Darach are almost homonyms.  Amy’s dumber self: Well, yeah, but if Derek’s a boy and the Darach is a girl, how would that work?  (Feel free to beat Amy’s dumber self with a big pillow. Puns that bad should be shot)

And seriously– 

Since I didn’t do any laundry, fly any places or do anything but write and get edits in my box, I’m thinking this is about as exciting as it gets.  

But that’s not going to stop me from blogging in two more days– I think I keep track of this stuff better when I do it more regularly.  

0 thoughts on “Epic hats of epicness and other oddities of hats”

  1. Christy Duke says:

    Your blogs make me smile and laugh, a lot.
    Thanks for that. Most days I really need it.

    Love you bunches,

  2. Julia says:

    argh. Blogger hates me. I flew. I also crocheted a hat. Major stuff

  3. Julia says:

    I flew. I also finished a crocheted hat. This is a major thing for me. The hat, not vegas

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