Every Princess Deserves One…

OKay, so I admit, I was one of those parents who would give the other kids birthday presents on the one kid’s birthday. Nothing huge, and the birthday kid was definitely the star of the show, but everybody knew I was a little bit of a pushover during birthday shopping.

Everybody wants to feel special.

But the Infinity Mitten was a pretty big act to follow, and I really didn’t expect any requests.

But then, some smartass (*kisses and love* to Kris Marshall Gray on FB) posted THIS on FaceBook — and I thought it was so cute, I showed Squish.

And she WANTED one.

And it looked quick and easy (SO quick and SO easy) and, me, having that mind that has to do things one better, said, “You know… we still have jewels leftover from ZoomBoy’s Infinity Mitten…”  (SOOOOOO many jewels. So many. I tried to push them on a friend– THAT many jewels.)

She actually picked out the jewels before I even made the first stitch.

And tonight, she had her brother help her glue the jewels on. (It was a BONDING experience… get it? heh heh heh heh…)

And the result is an ear-warmer meant for a princess, who is not too old to want to be a princess.

And a mom who feels like a queen 🙂

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