Everybody’s a critic…

I’m running on zero sleep today, and I’m eyeball full of work angst, so I’m going to short throw the fun stuff and go outside and zone with the kinder.

Fun thing the first: As we were driving home yesterday, we had to make a stop at the bank–the Cave Troll showed his genius by saying, “Where are we goin’, mom–this isn’t home!” I was very impressed with his verbal acuity and his ability to reason. Then, when we were actually going home, he said, “Mom…this car is DIRTY…you need to clean the car, Mom!”

While I was still in shock over this little bit of role reversal, Ladybug spoke up. “Yeah!!!” Like the title says, everybody’s a critic…

Fun thing the second: I stole this shamelessly from a student by the way. My student works in a pet store, and a little girl came in just absolutely sure she was going to get a hamster. Miss T tried to explain that hamsters suck as pets and that they bite and the little girl wasn’t buying, so the intrepid Miss T said, “Hey, do you want to hear a story?” The kid went “Yeah!” So Miss T said, “Last week I bought a hamster. He bit me. It bled. I cried. Do you still want a hamster?”

The kid walked out with a guinea pig.

Fun thing the third: It turns out that when they re-vamped the entire school system in a mismanaged endeavor that left the entire school without e-mail or grading systems for two days, they left my computer out. Of everything. Do you all remember that part in Empire Strikes Back when Han Solo pushed hyperdrive and nothing happened? “It’s not my fault!!!!”

Fun thing the fourth: Guitar Hero 2. Seriously, if you remember the 80’s at all, this x-box game will totally feed your music jones. I don’t even play it, but I’ve been singing “Surrender” by Cheap Trick for an entire week… (Mommy’s all right, daddy’s all right, they just seem a little we-ird…)

Fun thing the fifth: I don’t know what fun thing the fifth is, but considering I’ve had 20 hours of sleep in 5 days, I’m sure it will happen when my eyelids drift over my eyeballs and my overtaxed subconcious kicks in. You get the BEST weirdo dreams that way.

0 thoughts on “Everybody’s a critic…”

  1. Rae says:

    The hamster story cracked me up. Sure you didn’t dream that? 😉

    Seriously, hope you get some sleep this weekend, though sleep deprivation produces some pretty funny posts. ~giggle~

  2. stephanie says:

    Those are the best dreams. Hope yours were good!

  3. Bells says:

    Amy, you need some sleep. And soon. Go get some. I’m assuming that’s possible…..

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