Everything is Prettier in the Rain

Yesterday we spent the day doing the birthday thang (I did that on purpose ’cause I’m cool, yanno!) with my real mom and my grandma.  We brought the pizza, the ice cream cake, a present, and my mom over to my grandma’s and celebrated birthdays.  Everyone keeps telling me what a good daughter I am when I do this, but I always feel like such a slacker, because it only happens between 4-6 times a year.  I’m a mediocre daughter–but I guess I have good intentions.

Talker’s Graduation is still coming out on Wednesday– and I will be at Cup-O-Porn blogging on Wednesday to celebrate.  Mostly I’ll be talking about my own backyard, which is why (even though the picture is mostly my neighbor’s house from my driveway, with a glimpse of our out of control rose bushes in the corner around the pavement) I thought the picture was singularly appropriate.

And anyone who lives in Nor Cal will tell you that today was the day the weatherman LIED LIKE A FRICKIN’ RUG! It was supposed to maybe shower this afternoon around four in the afternoon.  Instead, it rained like Noah finished the boat from about nine in the morning to five thirty in the evening… imagine our surprise!  But soccer practice was canceled and it was lovely–came home, gave everyone a snack, cooked some warm soup-like-food substance, and read to the kids so that we all did not, once again, fail homework.  Geez, I feel old at the end of soccer season– days like this make me feel younger.  (The smell in the air too– I wasn’t lying. Everything IS prettier when it rains.)

And really, that’s all I’ve got.  I think I’m still recovering–the weekend was long, and even though the games were not nearly as awful, there were still three of them, and we lost all three, and really?  I’m just excited that Squish’s last game will be on the twenty-first!  (Zoomboy and Chicken have another month to go… *sigh*)  Of course, I’ll miss Squish’s last game because I’ll be in San Francisco, and considering how much I adore the team parents, this is sort of disappointing.  I’m REALLY HOPING the weather will hold on the fourteenth, because it’ll be the last time we get to do the woo-woo tunnel together, and, well, I’ll be a little sentimental.

And other than that?  Oh yeah…  my bumpy thingies.  I had a doc appointment because my elbows, knees, and tattoos all developed subcutaneous bumpy thingies.  (Yeah, that’s a technical term, swear!)  Anyway, I now have some steroid ointment for my bumpy thingies, and, I have to admit, after dealing with having holes punched in my flesh in the name of the freaky-skeery word “biopsy”, being told that steroid ointment was pretty much all that it would take?  Well, huzzah!  Now I just need to apply the ointment so the icky-subcutaneous-bumpy-thingies can go the hell away!  And now I am officially mortified from sharing TMI on the internet.  Allow me to go hide in shame!  (As. The Hell. If.)

But I am going to go work, because, once again, I have set me up some impossible deadlines.  I do recognize that I am in charge of pushing these back–but they were set up at these times for a couple of reasons, and I hate to let my publisher down.

Also, *tee-hee* my Advent Calendar is up and my adorable alpaca is making me giggle.  Everyone needs something to make them giggle…

And that’s why I saved this story for last.

Okay, my mother, Alexa (not my stepmom, my bio-mom) is not always as in touch with reality as she might be– that could be why she’s in an open door mental health facility, yeah?  Anyway, I send her my books– every one that comes out in paperback gets sent to her door.  Every now and then, I ask her how she has liked them.

“Oh, honey, they’re so funny!  They’re real good.  They make me laugh every time.”

*cringe*  “Oh.  Uhm, which one made you laugh, mom?  The one with the two characters who are HIV or the one with the guy who watched his entire planet die and then talked to himself for ten years?”

“The one with the gym, honey.  It was so funny!  They were so upset about getting to play in a gym, and it was just hilarious!  What a thing to get upset about!”

*blink*  “Awesome, mom.  I’m glad you enjoyed the Locker Room.”

“Oh, I did.  Make sure you keep sending them!  They’re real good.”

And that, folks, is the way to stay humble!

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  1. Donna Lee says:

    We're heading into another rainy week so I'm not as celebratory as you. We just had 5 glorious days so I guess I should be thankful but we've had so much rain this past year.

    Hooray for simple cures. If a skin cream clears up the skin thingies that's a great thing.

    One of the sad things about kids growing up is the "lasts". The last soccer game for example. (or the last band concert). Suddenly, they're not as bad as you thought.

  2. Our weatherman told us the same thing, expect rain about 1600. It started about 1300; it was off and on the rest of the night.

  3. roxie says:

    Our writings are containers. Our readers fill them with their own visions. My mom never read one of my books.

    You are a very good daughter who sets inhumanly high standards for herself. HUGS!!

    A certain ammount of rain is good. And I do love that first rain smell!

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