Everything’s Peachy Here!

Hi all–

RWA is sort of amazing.  I sat in on a panel with Kristan Higgins, Jill Shalvis, and Robyn Carr today, and thought, “Uh-huh.  Yeah.  I asked them that question, oh yes I did!”

And then someone recognized me from standing up and asking that question, and she fangirled me.

I wanted to hug her, but I was just so gobsmacked– like, DUDE!


It’s humid here, there’s thunderstorms, and this city seems older and more complex than I can fathom.  I don’t want to move quickly in Atlanta– I’m not sure why.

And I’m sort of networking like mad– if you would have asked me a year ago, I would have told you I suck at networking.  Apparently I’m not as bad as I thought– go figure.

And the Riptide people, led by the lovely Sarah Frantz and Stephanie Grober, along with L.B. Gregg, her friend Rosie, Lorelei James, and Lime Cello– all had dinner at a place called White Oak, that was all about farm-to-table dining.  I think this is funny mostly because as a kid I was told to go out and pick squash for dinner and that didn’t seem nearly as glamorous as eating at a place that serves things like fried pimento cheese and grouper.

Anyway– so, busy.  But the people here have been nice.  I’ve got this thing– I’m buying bags.  Like, you know.  The tacky bags you find in airport with the place’s name splashed in graffiti letters across? That (and scarves) are going to be what I collect, so I know where I’ve been.

 The bags are black, market style, sturdy canvas– in short, everything you need from a bag–and I have one from the Sacramento Kings, one from Chicago, and now one from Atlanta.  I figure that’ll be my thing.

This makes me absurdly happy.

Anyway– so, writing and it’s late at night, and I’ve got to be up early– but I thought I’d check in.  And btw?  Pandora.  I’m a fan.  It lets me not be alone in the hotel room.

So, mostly?  The only drawback is missing these guys (seen here with the latest shipment from their sister in a shameless attempt to buy their affection.  It’s working.)

And, of course, the plane ride.

By the way?  Did you know that at high altitudes they don’t load planes to capacity when it’s hot?  Because the plane won’t stay up in the air.  So, when I was in Salt Lake City, imagine my joy when A. A bunch of Mormon missionaries got on the plane (because although not a plus when there are dragons, twenty virgins do seem like they’d be lucky on an airplane) and B. there was a seat vacant between me and my row-mate.  We were BOTH excited, because that meant the plane wasn’t filled to capacity, and that WE WERE GOING TO LIVE!

Just sayin’.  Every plane ride is an adventure.

I also sat next to a guy on the first leg of the flight who picked up a rattlesnake with his bare hands.  He stood 6’5″ and had the sweetest smile.  He was fun to talk to– which, you know.  The whole reason I come!

 (Oh yeah– and we’re in another habit trail– although it looks like there’s enough places here at the hotel that don’t suck that I won’t feel like I live in this one.)

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  1. Networking? What is this strange concept you're talking about?

  2. Galad says:

    If we'd told you 5 years ago that you'd be networking in Atlanta, you would have laughed at us. Life is good 🙂

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