Exclusive Cover Reveal: Lollipop

Out January 25th:

A Candy Man Book

by Amy Lane

Ezra Kellerman flew across country to see if he had another chance with the man he let slip through his fingers. He didn’t. Rico has moved on, but he doesn’t just leave his ex high and dry. Instead, Rico entrusts his family and friends with Ezra’s care. Ezra, confused, hurt, and lost, clings to Rico’s cousin and his boyfriend as the lifelines they are—but their friend Miguel is another story.

Miguel Rodriguez had great plans and ambition—but a hearty dose of real life crushed those flat. When Miguel finds himself partially in charge of the befuddled, dreamy, healing Ezra, he’s pretty resentful at first. But Ezra’s placid nature and sincere wonder at the simple life Miguel has taken for granted begin to soften Miguel’s hardened shell. Miguel starts to notice that Ezra isn’t just amazingly sweet—he’s achingly beautiful as well. Suddenly Miguel is fending off every single man on the planet to give Ezra room to get over Rico—while fighting a burning suspicion that the best thing to help Ezra get over his broken heart is Miguel.

The new cover for Lollipop,  not even up on the DSP site yet! Are you excited about this one? I am! Ezra and Miguel threw me for a loop. So often, people say, “I want to see this character! And this one! And this one!” And I’m like, “Uh… didn’t have a story for that one… I’ll have to come up with one.” And the one I come up with passes up my expectations by a mile. 
It’s one of the joys of the job– the discovering other people’s stories, and realizing that, hey! Maybe Shane and Mikhail aren’t as spectacular as Deacon and Crick, but some people think their story is the best!  Every sequel I’ve written has surprised me somehow with how much I like characters who were originally just “other people” in the world of the original couple, and Ezra and Miguel were just like that too. See the dog and the cat? That’s because Ezra was a cat. In the other two stories– Candy Man and Bitter Taffy, both the guys were dogs. Adam and Finn? That was old dog, new puppy. Derek and Rico? They were alpha dog and beta dog. 
But not Ezra. 
Ezra is finicky, dreamy, terrified, strong, amusing and deadly serious. He peers into the corners and sees amazing things–right before he falls off the couch.  Ezra is a cat.
Miguel, on the other hand, has assumed he’s a beta dog his entire life. 
Miguel is an alpha dog. A dog so strong, he can cuddle that cat and not lose any big dog points. He had no idea he was that strong–until he had a cat to show him that was just the kind of dog he was.
I love this couple– I love the way they fit. I love the fact that Ezra has no idea how cute he is. And I love that both of them have been unlucky in love. Until now.
*  *  *  
Also, don’t forget Winter Ball is out! Next week, for Fanfic Friday or Saturday, I’m going to post a ficlet, just to, you know, show you what the guys have been up to since the book came out.

There will be spoilers.


Just, you know, so you know 😉

Now available on Amazon, ARe, and DSP!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Have followed this series from the beginning so cannot wait. Reading Winter Ball now and loving it.

  2. Unknown says:

    Have followed this series from the beginning so cannot wait. Reading Winter Ball now and loving it.

  3. Unknown says:

    Cannot wait. This series one of my favourites. Absolutely love Adam. Hope he's in there.

  4. D says:

    I love Skipper and Ritchie. Carpenter is great, too. Will Mason find his own plus one? Thanks so much for all of your uplifting stories. Already waiting for January 25th📖 Happy New Year to you and your family.🍾🎉

  5. ShirleyAnn says:

    Hi Amy Love the cover and I'm looking forward to reading the book.

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