Excuse me while I distract you with curiosities…

I am barely caught up.  Seriously.

Today, I actually posted a Tweet that said, “Oh hell!  I owe somebody a post or something around December 4th.  WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO I OWE YOU WHEN?”

So far, a lot of people have had ideas for what that could be, but, uhm, doesn’t seem legit.  Dude, if I’ve got a dentist appointment or something, I’m doomed.

Anyway– the good news is, I ALMOST have cover art for Going Up!  I’m posting this, because since this title isn’t out with the Advent Calendar, I’ve got a pathological fear that I’ll forget it’s coming out, which is would be a real shame.  I love this tiny little Holiday fable, and I can’t wait to talk it up.  It’ll be up on the DSP website just as soon as I have cover art, but I just loved the sketch so much I had to share.

Christmas Kitsch is also, all ready to go, and you can read the excerpt HERE.  Conveniently enough, that’s also where you can buy the book, but, well, you know.  Whatever we can do to facilitate your holidays, right?

This is “psychotic bunny”– and chicken drew him for me. 
 I love him.  Psycho bunny and the the warrior hamster are
 very closely related.  

Which reminds me–part of the what’s been sucking up my life force is preparing for the blog tour that goes with Christmas Kitsch, and that’s going to be sort of fun.  I hopped into the Way-Back machine and visited the younger version of Mate and I for the tour, and on my next post, I’m going to give you all a chance to wear swag!  I got bookmarks and key fobs for the occasion, because I’m developing sort of a pathological attachment to both kinds of swag!  Anyway– keep a lookout for this, because it’s going to be fun.  The tour details are posted HERE, and I’ll post them on my own blog right before the tour starts.  If you look, the blogs that DON’T SAY “Spotlight Stop” are the places I have written posts.  THOSE are the places to collect your scavenger hunt lists, and, well, more details later, right?

Also, I’ve posted my December Amy’s Lane article today (did I mention the psychosis?  I think I might have mentioned the psychosis.)  It’s called Bungee Jumping, Parasailing, and Excess Punctuation, and I’m sort of proud of it.  If you like it, please let me know– those articles don’t get a whole lot of play, and I’m starting to wonder if I should keep writing them.

And seriously– I SWEAR I don’t go out looking for all this stuff to do.  I don’t.  It’s started knocking at my door and I’m just so grateful that people are interested in my stories and what I have to say that I have a hard time saying no.  I think I need to make myself just a little bit less available– because I’m never going to relive last week again.

That sucked.  Working until I was sick, sucked.  And yeah, I know that I’m rambling like this guy here, but at least one of us is cute.  (Okay.  It’s him.)

Anyway– I have a big bottomless bag of yarn to get through in order to finish Mary’s hat, and a resolution to not only finish the hat but a bunch of other Christmas gifts as well.  And I know that sounds like I’m substituting one deadline for another, but in this case, the knitting is relaxing.  The writing? At the moment, not so much.


Mom, she’s looking at me… 

 And as for the rest of my week?  Well, this morning, Zoomboy, Squish and I drove to school singing “Santa Clause is coming to town!” It was an awesome moment, followed by an even better one.  Zoomboy walked by me while I was chopping onions for dinner.

“Gee, mom, I hope the onions don’t frame us!”

“Frame us for what?”

He smirked.  “You better watch out, you better not cry…”

It was classic!

And as for the cat?  Well, the caption says it all.

0 thoughts on “Excuse me while I distract you with curiosities…”

  1. Donna Lee says:

    Not only is she looking at me, she's breathing my air!

    No holiday knitting for me this year. I just didn't get my act together early enough and I refuse to give in to the crazy notion that I can knit all the things for all the people.

  2. roxie says:

    Of course I can knit all the things for all the people. I just can't get it all done before Christmas. Do you still want rum balls? I'm finishing up on them today. Then I'll sort the flavors into boxes and ship 'em off next week. Yes, they are bad for you. Sugar and rum and chocolate and stuff. Wouldn't you rather have some nice healthy broccoli?

  3. DecRainK says:

    Wow Zoomboy is witty!

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