Exeunt Wave Crash

 So, Wave Crash is complete.

But, most of you probably don’t know it as Wave Crash anymore–it was re-christened The Ugly Shawl (but only I could call it that) a while back, and I should probably not call it that because I still love it.

I chose every color because it reminded me of the sea, and from a distance, they do all create a certain wave crashing cacophony.

I tried it on for ZoomBoy and he called it, “Little Rainbow Riding Hood” and I thought he’d completely solved the naming problem, but then Chicken saw it and said, “No, no–Little Rainbow WRITING Hood!” and BOOM!

That’s it. Little Rainbow Writing Hood.

Anyway–I bought a very simple shawl pin that still has a nice Celtic feel to it, and works really well with the asymmetrical shape of the shawl. I can through the long side over my shoulder and pin it and it’s out of my way.

And it’s warmer than it looks.

So there you go–project complete.

And I have to say, looking at the shawl pin made me really fascinated by the shawl pins chosen for Thor Ragnorok. 

Not fascinated enough to ignore Chris Hemsworth without his shirt.

Mmmm… Christ Hemsworth without his shirt.



The movie was good too.

But, I have to admit, the shawl isn’t bad either.

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