Father’s Day for Mate

I wrote a post on FB about how much Mate–and good parents in general, and people trying to be parents–mean to the world, and about how much good they do. We tried to tell Mate today how much he meant to us, in ways both great and small.

These ways included–

* Letting him pick the restaurant.

* Giving him the most time with the video controller.

* Letting him pick dessert. (Baskin Robbins–whole family approved.)

* Seeing his mom for lunch.

* Letting him watch the last game of the NBA finals when we got home.

* Serving him dinner while he was watching.

* Watching his favorite movie– The Thin Man– with him.

* Sending the kids to bed so he could have the video games again.

And, of course, loving him with all of our hearts.

As I said on FB:

I wish a Mate or a Pete (my dad) for everyone. I wish healing and kindness for those who were not so fortunate. I wish flowers and sweetness for those whose mom or moms did a dad’s job and did it damned well.

I wish a beautiful Sunday with rest and love and a favorite food and maybe a movie for everyone who has ever loved a parent or tried to parent and knows that it’s a big deal and nothing to take for granted.

— For the record, that beautiful Sunday is exactly what my family and I got and gave. Hope it was awesome for you guys too.

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