Feels Like Sunday Morning

Ulg. Boy, am I a grumpy bitch.

I woke up this morning to write, got some work done and thought, “Hey–I never go back to bed and sleep in. I’m gonna do that–it’s everybody’s last morning before vacation ends, I’m gonna enjoy sleeping in.”

Oh yeah. That’ll work. Mate? Yeah. Mate can sleep in. Me? I’m asleep, Mate’s in the front room, and guess who comes to ask me for cereal? And milk. And to find the remote. So I get up and pour everybody cereal and stumble in to the computer, just wanting to be left alone and…

Well… they’re cute. It’s probably why they lived.

Anyway–I have FINISHED the Marcus and Phillip thing, and while I’m not sure if it will mean ANYTHING to anyone who is NOT a fan of the LG, I have it out to someone who’s never read the LG, and we’ll se if we can bang it into shape with some rubber mallets or something. Of course, the one thing I need to do now is go back in time and find the e-mail of the person who requested Marcus and Phillip in the first place, so I can print out her copy and send it to her! (Not as easy as it sounds. I’m on all these yahoo chat groups, and I delete around 100 emails a day.)

Anyway, if you’re out there, hon, buzz me. I gotsa present for you!

And other than that? It’s going to be a tough sell, convincing everybody that yes, there really IS school and work tomorrow. We have grand plans for watching True Blood today, and I’m down with that–I’ve got some post Christmas knitting to do!

Seriously–when my life is a little less hectic, that’s when I knit more, and I’ve got this scarf working for Littlewitch that is… mmmmm…. she requested blood red, I used a double strand of merino for a garter cable and some thick black muppet to trim the ends… it’s looking REALLY lush, although my hands are winter-dry and I have to keep asking Mate and the kids to fondle the wool to tell me if it’s soft or not.

When I’m done with that, I’m crocheting a shawl from my favorite pattern which worked out pretty well, and then I’m making some fingerless mitts. Yeah, I know–this whole spiel would be better with pictures. I’m going to start taking more of them–I swear. The camera we have is not working well, and my phone camera… well, I’ve taken better pictures with a shoe box and a pinhole. But I hate not having a daily record of the kids, or of what I make, because I produced some items for the Chaney bag-o-knitwear that I was pretty proud of, and it would have been nice to have pictures.

(Oh… I forgot…A Christmas story pending: On Christmas day, I was telling my aunt about how some of my worst moments this last year have come because I’m not great with authority. I interrupted myself to say, “Hey–here’s my bag of knitwear for the year!”

“Jesus, Amy! No wonder you have problems with authority–you don’t even understand when we tell you NO GROWN UP PRESENTS!”

“These are backlog birthday presents,” I sniffed. “They don’t fall under the purview of the Christmas present clause.”

“I still say this explains a lot about your life,” Teresa said (with humor.)

“Yeah, well, why follow a rule when common sense tells you to go another way?”

All she did was shake her head. I’m starting to think I’m sorta kinda doomed.)

Anyway. Pictures coming. I suck with authority. I’m still knitting. The new year has begun.

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  1. Chris says:

    "Maybe this year will be better than the last…" -Counting Crows

  2. roxie says:

    "Every morning is New Year's day."
    Assaulting Possums

  3. "If this is the worst Monday of the year, it can only get better." – Sleeping Cats

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