Frisky Dragons

OKay– I do admit that I left Thursday’s post up for a couple of reasons, one of the most important being that for many of us who write or read romance, it seemed to strike a real chord. I get tired of defending my reading or writing choices, tired of explaining all of the academic reasons why romance is important culturally as well as emotionally–let’s just say that post had been building for a really long time.

The other reason is that I’ve been sick, and although I can write just fine–I’ve done about 10,000 words in three days for nanowrimo–I haven’t actually had the wherewithal to DO anything besides write. And that’s not a lot of fun, really. Woke up, vegged on the couch, fielded whining children, tried to fix something to eat, watched a movie that I fell asleep during, decided that I could do something productive in front of the computer, and wrote through the whining children. Uhm, whoopee? Zoomboy’s a little sick too, although Squish has managed to escape the worst part of it. (We think she’s kind of sick, but we’re not sure. MOstly, it’s just that she’s winning a whinging contest we weren’t aware we were running, so we think that might make her sick. Or us crazy. You know, six-one, half-dozen the other.)

Anyway, this nanowrimo thing is a lot of fun–I’m thinking I might actually finish this novel, even though it will probably be about 20-30K longer than the required 50K, and that’s good, because that makes it eligible for a print copy at DSP. I love being able to put my stuff in the word counter and go, “Lookie! This time it counts for something!” (Okay– it counted for something before, but, really, yanno, a website makes it official?)

And, other than that–and Mate’s continued stalking of Steve as that damned cat gets into the most destructive places in the house–nothing going on around here. I just had a thought… I’m going to start taking Steve pictures. Samurai did “Sekhmet you fucker” and I LOVED those posts. Maybe I can do “Goddammit, Steve!” and that will be fun. (Well, for me, anyway, right?) Not original, but a great idea is worth making one’s own. (And Gordy doesn’t DO anything. He’s so entirely Chicken’s cat that all of his antics are performed in her room, with the door shut, where none of us infidels who are NOT Chicken might see!)

And that’s all. I’ve told myself that tomorrow is absolutely, positively the last day that I can be sick. My spare time goes away as of December first, and I want to spend the next three weeks cleaning shit that ain’t been cleaned, and working muscles that ain’t been worked. Oh yeah– and finishing “The Locker Room”, which I think is going to be one fantastic little book! (And making some progress on Living Promises, which I think is going to be a whole lot of powerful if I don’t fuck it up, right?)

(Oh… and The Dougie? Believe it or not, I’m the last person on the planet who hasn’t seen “The Dougie”. Just proof, I guess, that I am the least hip person I know!)

0 thoughts on “Frisky Dragons”

  1. roxie says:

    More unhip than you. Whatinhell is the Dougie dance? Is it supposed to be cool or dorky? I like his joy – be it never so misguided.

    You have been under extraordinary stress for several weeks. No wonder you fell sick. Heal up while you have a chance.

    Nanowrimo is like taking your dragons out for a month in the country. They can frolick in the wilderness and gobble all the squirrels they can catch and be as bad as they want – for one month. It's good for them!

  2. DecRainK says:

    Hope you all feel better soon

  3. Chris says:

    Ok, so you're healthy now, right? 🙂

  4. Donna Lee says:

    Um, I am the President of the unhip club, 'cause I remember Doug but have never heard of the Dougie dance.

    Nonowrimo scares the shit out of me. No way I could ever write that much in one month. you go girl! (told you I was unhip)

    I am the current champion of the whinging contest around here. I don't do it often but when I do, it's spectacular. I could probably give Squish a run for her money.

  5. Galad says:

    I love that prescription – write 50,000+ words and drink plenty of fluids 🙂

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