From the Files of Squeee!!!

Okay– first and foremost, Faye and Barb from Live Your Life, Buy the Book made BUTTONS– actual, real BUTTONS for what look to be fantabulous swag bags that they are bringing to GRL.  Uhm…

I feature prominently on some of them.

Excuse me while I fail to suppress my exceptionally evil cackles– as far as I can see, there is NO DOWNSIDE to this button.  Amy is Happy.


Also from the files of Squee–

Sleepy Hollow premieres tonight.

Yeah– I know it doesn’t sound like much, but here’s the thing.  Mate and I like television.  We pick certain shows that are our shows.  We tape them.  We make an effort to stay up for them.  We enjoy them together.  These shows are some of the few things that will pull me out of the kitchen, where I am trying to cram an eight hour work day into six hours of un-interupted time.

And, bless basic cable, there are some shows that make up the gap between the network hiatus.

With the exception of Burn Notice (which I have to FORCE my husband to watch, even though there are only four more episodes recorded on DVR, because this last season was so tense and so painful, we’re just freakin’ afraid of what the next one holds) all of our other shows were over with about four weeks ago.

And tonight?  Not only is Bones premiering (in what I hope will be a final season) but Sleepy Hollow too.  Thank Frank, I’m saved.  I have to take a break now!  (Next week, when Chicken shows up, there will be shows galore!  I’m so pleased, I’m pink!)


And this next story took place at my parents’ retirement BBQ, held for my stepmom.  Now, to set the stage here, Mate and I were exhausted.  Mate worked through the weekend, I worked in little bits and pieces, and between this, we attended two soccer games, this BBQ, and I had a FB chat and Mate took Squish to a B-Day party.  Sitting down to eat at the BBQ marked our halfway point, and we were both so damned tired there wasn’t much left of us.

And into this, my friend Wendy sat down, and started talking about Beavis & Butthead. 

“Yeah, Chris (her boyfriend) has been making me watch it.  You know, I think of the two of them, Butthead is the most repugnant.  Beavis is okay, but I just cannot look at Butthead.  He turns my stomach.”

At this point I turned to Mate and said, “Is it my imagination, or is she telling me which one of them is the most doable?”

Mate looked at her with consideration.  “Yeah– that’s what I heard.”

Wendy protested vehemently, but Mate and I stood fast.  “No, no– you were saying that the one guy was okay but the other one was gross– that sounds to us like you’re scoping them out!”

At this point Wendy got mad and said, “You know, this is one of the least attractive things this job has done for you!” and Mate and I looked at each other.

“No,” I said, (taking another bite of amazing tri-tip from Mate’s plate) “I’m pretty sure I was always like this, even before the writing m/m.  I was always the one who would jump in the gutter and paddle for my life.  In fact, it’s one of the reasons my former coworkers loathed me.  I was better at the dirty joke than they were, and I was a girl.”

Mate agreed with me, but he made me stand down for Wendy’s delicate sensibilities.  Hey– she started it.  I wouldn’t do either one of them.


And Ashlyn shared this with me.  It totally made my day!

Hee hee!  I’m the cheetah– you betcha I’m the cheetah.  Oh yeah.  I’m the cheetah.  Watch me fall outta that tree.

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  1. Susan says:

    Love the video! I want to be the alligator. Crocodile? Probably crocodile come to think of it.

  2. Galad says:

    Great video to start my morning. I'd be falling out of the tree with you LOL

    P.S. The buttons are awesome too!

  3. DecRainK says:

    Loved Bones AND Sleepy Hollow!

    Those buttons rock!

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