Funny Little Things

Just bizarre little stuff going on right now. I’m trying to finish a story by tomorrow–it was supposed to be a little novella, but weird stuff got in the way:

*Took the kids to see The Smurfs on Friday–it was fun, but I invited the neighbor’s kids too. Fun, but nuts. On a good note, apparently Goddess approves of fun but nuts–twenty years I’ve gone to that theatre, and I’ve NEVER gotten the parking spot close to the front next to the tree. It was a hundred and two on Friday–that tree was AWESOME!

* Mate went out last night with his friends. I was invited (if I wanted to drive) but, well, I thought I had too much work to do. (Spent the entire evening as a barcalounger while the little kids got in snuggles. Go figure.) Anyway, our conversation went like this:

Mate: It’s okay if you don’t want to go. I WILL be okay without you.

Me: *chin quiver* Okay. *lip wobble* If THAT’S how you feel… *checks self in the reality mirror* Nope. Nope–you know what–I’m not going to do that. This is fine. You’ll be fine, you’ll sleep it off at your friend’s hotel, and I’ll get some other stuff done.

Mate: Good, because I was wondering how I could cheat on that Kobiyashi Maru.

(This is a Star Trek joke–Trekkies, please check with non-Trekkies to make sure they get the many layers of irony that this reference gives us.)

* Got some fan-knitting from a VERY nice man named John. His husband spins, John knits, and this scarf is two different skeins kettle dyed. I’m tickled to death–I’ve already posted it on Facebook and I’m not joking when I say it’s as soft as a kitten’s ass, or that John set out to (in his words) knit the gayest scarf known to man. I love it. I’m going to wear it from November to April nonstop.

* Am currently designing a pair of socks to go with the Super Sock Man story posted on If they don’t suck and I can get a test knitter to help with the directions, it may get posted with the finished novella. Wow. I very well could become the Debbie Macomber of m/m romance. Wouldn’t that be fucking BIZARRE?

* Will be getting ready to go on a semi-vacation with mate next week. He’ll be attending a conference (on his own dime–he REALLY wanted to go!) and I will be hanging out in Vancouver, visiting yarn shops, walking around and generally doing the Yarn Harlot goes traveling thing. I’m looking forward to it. That, and he and his buddies are planning to hit the pubs after hours, and they’re fun people.

*Mate was grooming this morning and he came out of the bathroom going, “What the hell is this?” He had a giant eyebrow hair going in exactly the opposite direction than the rest of them. When I was done shrieking with laughter like a five-year-old I told him that it hadn’t looked like that when I picked him up that morning–odds were pretty good he hadn’t gone out with friends wearing what looked like a deranged caterpillar’s erection over his left eye.

* I was trying SO hard to work last night. It didn’t work, but I did get proof that our cat is possessed by demons. You always knew this was true, but proof is nice.

Anyway, that’s about all. Except for the worry doll– Chicken has been making them for Squish with some yarn I gave her. Those things turn out soooo much better with fine wool than they do with acrylic. Or I could be biased. Sometime next week, I’m going to talk the HELL out of Alpha–because it really needs it’s own post:-)

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  1. roxie says:

    Vancouver like in Canada? Wave as you pass by. Vancouver, Washington? That is mere minutes by hyperdrive from me and you'd damn well better call so we can have a gigglefest. I'll take you to VooDoo Doughnuts and Powell's Books and all the other mind-boggling wonders of the area. Have fun wherever you are. If it's Canada – watch out for the beer. They put alcohol in theirs.

    Love the gayest scarf ever. Love the deranged caterpillar's errection! He's lucky his eyesight is still good enough to percieve a single wry hair!

  2. AWESOME scarf!!

    Enjoy the trip, you need it.

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