Further on Up the Road

Two wheels, will travel!
We were on our way to drop Big T off at my parents on Sunday, when we we saw this weird and ingenious contraption.  Look at that!  It’s a motorcycle with a bicycle rack!  Apparently, if it’s got two wheels, this guy is obsessed!  We thought it was awesome–and let me say, I’m proud of that picture.  A phone camera from a moving car… dude!  
Can I pet?

Anyway, at my folks house, there are kittens.  I only got a picture of one, but there are two babies and a teenaged mama, and my mom is very happy to have kittens in the house again.  So were my kids, who, of course, were absolutely sure that they had never petted a kitten, ever.  The whole world seems to assume that we got Steve just as fat and happy as she is now, and I assure them that is not the case.  If Steve hadn’t been a kitten when we got her, she wouldn’t keep thinking she could jump places she really can’t, and then falling on her fat Steve ass to the general hilarity of all!

And in other news… lemme see lemme see…
Oh yes– Superheroes!  
First of all–there are a lot of superheroes out there.  Some of the responses I got here and at goodreads.com made me aware that people are strong and amazing, and I am so impressed with you all.  Bringing my kids ice water or juice when I go to pick them up seems sort of pansy assed compared to all the shit you all do.  I’m proud to know you.  
Second of all– Saturday Snark!  That was fun!  Let’s do it again!  And, of course, if there’s a line or a moment you’d like to see in Saturday Snark, let me know.  It’s funny how many lines I want to throw up there!  (“Jesus, Sparky!  Stop touching my cat!”  or “Yeah, three’s a scary number.  We don’t linger on three.”  were both runner ups for Saturday.)  Anyway, let me know, and maybe it’ll make it up and we can help make Marvelous Marie Sexton’s latest brainchild a total success.  
And as for the title?  Well, besides the fact that Season 7 is starting on Friday!  (EEEEEEE!!)  There is also this sort of melancholy realization that there are folks out there I haven’t seen in almost a year, and that I miss them, and our shared purpose.  Not all of them, and not every part of what it was we were, but I miss them.  Maybe I’ll meet them further on up the road.

And KnitTech?  This one’s for us:-)

0 thoughts on “Further on Up the Road”

  1. Louiz says:

    That's a really good pic:)

    And yeah, kittens are ever so cute all the time. Your kids are growing up cute too:)

  2. roxie says:

    Amazing how clever people can be! A bike rack on a motorcycle.

    Kittens are an entirely new thing every time you see them. If Pepper weren't such a bully, I'd have a house full right now. It takes a cat to keep me from being a crazy cat lady. What's wrong with this concept?

    You could always volunteer at school. (Chuckles evilly)

  3. Donna Lee says:

    I always think kittens are a good thing until I have some. They are one of the most destructive forces in nature. I've lost furniture, whole trees and curtains to kittens. They're cute so we don't drown them at birth.

    I wonder how hard it is to balance a bicycle on a motorcycle bike rack? What an ingenius idea.

  4. Don't fall for it. Kittens are only cute for a while, then they come cats. And everyone knows cats are evol.

    The last one? Almost made me cry.

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