Ghost Call


So every day, Shyla Colt posts information on paranormal entities and hauntings on Twitter.

And I eat that shit UP. I love stories of hauntings and ghosts and local entities.

And about the same time I was appreciating one of Shyla’s posts, Ms. Kim Fielding was posting on FB that she needed to get the hell out of Turlock. (I don’t blame her.)  I said I was up for a day trip– we all had stuff to do–but how about up the gold rush trail.

And then we both started talking about ghosts.

So if you need me or Kim tomorrow, we’re going to be looking for ghosts, cemeteries, and hauntings in Newcastle, Auburn, Foresthill, and Coloma. You can see some of the haunted sites HERE.

And because Kim and I are odd changling and fey ducks, this idea tickles us BEYOND pink and into blue and purple.

We shall take lots and lots of pictures, and you shall see ghosts! (Or at least we shall imagine ghosts–it’s all perspective.)


A reader sent me THIS QUOTE and said now he HAD to see more of Alex and Dave from Fish Out of Water. I promised that some time soon– maybe another week or so–I would write a bit of backstory for our two favorite chain-smoking masters of snark and healing, Nurse Alex and Nurse Dave.

So, there you– something to look forward to!

And now, I’ must to bed, the better to look for haunted figures on lonely gold country roads!

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