Glad Tidings!

(And Galad tidings:-)

I just checked Galad’s blog, and sister’s got some serious sock action going on–go, girlfriend!

About the cat–thank you. I knew you would be supportive, which is why I pushed ‘publish’ on that rather rambling, emotional post, and you all were exactly what I needed. Thank you. I’ll let you know what the verdict is, but so far, he’s not looking spiffy.

But the original glad tidings–Chicken is coming home tomorrow! Yaaay! The house has been sooooooo quiet these last three weeks…I’m not sure if I’ll be able to deal with the sudden onslaught of teenaged conversation, but I’m looking forward to giving it a shot. My beautiful Chicken–is there going to be a better way for her to start high school than all confident from this trip? I’m hoping not.

Oh–weird tidings. Big T is getting a beard. He looks like such a beatnik–hopefully Dad will step up and teach him how to shave, but Mate is putting this chore off and I’m afraid I might have to do it. Let’s hope I don’t give him sound advice on how to rip his face off, eh?

And book tidings. Eric has finished Bitter Moon II–I may have mentioned that already, but I’m not quite ready to go back to it. I need just a little bit more space from that monster before I try my next edit, so I’m working on that short attached to Green’s Hill–and enjoying it. Not a lot of plot development, not too much detail–just a quick and dirty character sketch, some conflict and some romance. It’s like making toast. Filling, tasty, and easy. Except, think toast with raisin bread or parmesan cheese (but not both together). Because it’s REALLY tasty. And Cory and Bracken and Green will make appearances. Lots of Green, actually–and it’s a kick to get back to them. I’m all aglow with my wise move to nurture my creativity now, everybody watch as I bask… okay, basking done, now I’m stressing about time again. All is right with the world. (I should be sending B-Moon II off to Roxie and Bonnie in a couple of weeks, so it probably won’t be done before September, but October is looking promising:-)

And yarn tidings. (Please, blogger, load…load, dammit, load!) Anyway, I’m trying to load a picture of the ‘thing’ I’ve been working on for Ladybug. Should the picture actually load, (come ON motherfucker, come ON!!!) you may notice that the thing is being worn by the Cave Troll. That’s because yarn grows in water. But it’s promising. If it fits Cave Troll now, it will fit Ladybug for years, and I can start on Cave Troll’s sweater next. (Actually, I’m doing a friends’ grandbaby’s sweater next–it should be a short knit. Gotta love those YARN GIRLS books!) . So, what Cave Troll is wearing is two rectangles framed by seed stitch–the frames done in a different self-striping yarn than the regular rectangles. I set the rectangles sideways–and brother did they stretch–but made the sleeves the usual way. Add a hood and some contrasting seed-stitch edging, and voila! A rather distinctive sweater in Ladybug’s favorite colors. Pink, dark pink, light pink, purple, and fuschia!

And that’s it. I’m walking away now, and if blogger has loaded by the end of my movie, you’re getting one crappy picture of a rather bizarre kid sweater. Yippee!!!

(Alas, no pictures tonight–that’s the umpteenth time I tried to upload, and I draw the line at umpteen+1. Tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow… Oh hey–that reminds me. “The Reduced Shakespeare Company”– if you have Netflix, look this one up–you won’t be sorry in the least!)

0 thoughts on “Glad Tidings!”

  1. TinkingBell says:

    Yay! Gotta love an FO! Off to get PJs for the kidlets – off to bed and school tomorrow – welcome back Chicken – your Mum issed you lots!

  2. roxie says:

    You are such a tease! You have whetted my appetite for that Short for Green’s Hill. I can hardly wait for Chicken’s arrival (she will be jet-lagged silly for a few days. Give her lots of water and cut her just a little slack.)And I’m dying to see this awesome little Jesus sweater!

    (My verification word is gehoum. Sounds like a yiddish sneeze.)

  3. Donna Lee says:

    I’m glad Chicken is coming home. It’s funny how much we take their presence for granted and then they’re gone and it’s sooooo quiet. Em moved out 8 months ago and I still expect her to walk through the door…..

  4. NeedleTart says:

    “That would be Saturday” Love Reduced Shakespere. They have a pod cast, you know.
    Whee! Bitter Moon 2! Can’t wait.
    I posted Friday. You’re mentioned
    So nice to get the kinder home (But then there is less nookie time).

  5. Galad says:

    Hope Chicken took lots of pictures. Maybe she can do an album online with a link we can go to like they do for family reunions 🙂 I know you’ll all be happy to have her home and hear about her adventures.

    Did she keep a journal while she was gone? If not, she might want to write about her experiences when she gets home. It would be a precious reminder years from now when she forgets some of the details.

  6. Hooray for Chicken! I hope she had an amazing adventure while she was gone!

  7. Bells says:

    I’m so looking forward to hearing how chicken travelled down under. I bet she had a blast!

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