And to finish off the insane two weeks of “Mom gets no damned time,” today was my eye appointment.

“Okay,” said the doctor, “Could you read the last line in front of you that’s clear enough to see.”


“I’m sorry?”

“I can’t read any of that.”

“Oh. Okay. Here– here’s the next set. Which letters can you see here?”

“The top two.”

“Okay– now with your glasses…”

“Oh, hey! I can almost see the bottom line with these!”

“So we’ll start right there.  So, what do you want glasses for? Working on the computer? Reading? Driving? Driving at night?”


“O-kay. So, which one is most important?”

“Driving and knitting. I mean reading close up. I mean knitting.”

“We’ll just say reading.”

“Good one!”

“Excellent. So, here’s some glasses to pick out. I’ll be back.”

I am left, throwing all of the most brightly colored, obnoxious frames into the box that I can possibly find.

Then I flash to the dress.

The dress was a find, really. I love the dress. It’s white with big black flowers on it and teal accents. I probably don’t even need to post a picture of me in the dress, because I was A. Wearing it at RT when my daughter came to the Fantastic Day Party, and we were photographed together, and B. Wearing it at RWA during the signing when not only did my daughter come visit me there in a similar dress and I posted the pictures all over the place, but ARe came along and took pictures, which they’ve plastered over Twitter.

When I think back upon this summer, I’m going to think about this dress.   Now, I’ve got plenty of others, but… well.

This dress is the one people will remember.

I look at the multicolored tortoiseshell glasses, and think about those pictures.

And realize that, like the dress, these glasses will be the only thing people see.  (Except for my beautiful Chicken, whom I’m still so glad visited me. *happy sigh* I love that picture. It was like this metaphor was an excuse to post it. )

I sigh and put them back. Find something a little more conservative.  Then it hits me…

Next check, I’ll have to get glasses for the computer. I couldn’t get them this time because we just saved the dog, but they’re on my agenda.

Heh heh heh…

Nobody cares what I look like at my computer.

When I come back to fill THAT prescription I’m getting those Rainbow Tortoiseshell glasses, dammit!


It was the only thing that gave me the strength to put them back.

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