Glued to My Feed

 It’s weird. I know I’ve functioned this week. I’ve gone walking, gone grocery shopping, cooked, done dishes–I mean, I’ve been functional. 

But like many of you all, I haven’t been really here.

I’ve been glued to my feed where the world comes completely unglued around me, and it’s a thing I need to stop.

Not that I don’t want to know what happens–no, I’m almost addicted to knowing what happens.

It’s that sometimes, “knowing what happens” bleeds into fixating on the things we can’t change, and it gets frustrating, and we get angry, and the next thing we know we’re getting into a shouting match with someone on the internet who really DOESN’T have anything better to do than scream at people who don’t believe what they do. 

And we DO have better things to do. 

I mean really, we have so very little we can control. We can make our reality better by stepping away from Twitter every so often, right?

Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re not still donating to things like the Sierra Club and the bail fund for protestors either. Because the world continues apace.


And other than that, I finished an essentials bag out of a cotton/acrylic blend, with a little sleeve of fun fur at the shoulder to cushion my neck. I am ABSURDLY excited about how well this turned out–and part of it is the yarn, which is stupidly soft, even without the nylon fur stuff, which is also super soft. I used to wrap a bandana around the shoulder, and it looked… well, weird. And seriously–am I not weird enough?

Anyway–fighting to stay awake here–this might be more incoherent than usual. I DID have an encounter with a hidden pussycat in a tree–as in, I saw the hidden pussycat, and I got a picture of the hidden pussycat, but if I showed you the picture, you’d wonder what the actual hell I was trying to get with my camera. Which, if you think about it, is a great metaphor for writing. Sometimes you can reveal the hidden pussycat with magic words, and sometimes, you need a lot of editing and some prayer. 

And there you go. My profundity limit has been reached. 

Stay healthy, happy and sane out there–I know it’s not always as easy as it should be.

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