Go-Go Boots and Zoomies

For once, I have something to report!

So, Steve and Dewey both had appointments yesterday. Now, normally I would have blown the appointments off–not the time to be hanging about the vets office, shooting the shit, right?  But Steve gets tartar buildup which can get infected quickly–and her appointment two months ago didn’t go well–she spiked a fever and they couldn’t clean her teeth because they were dealing with the fallout. And Dewey’s undercoat was matted to the point where he could have gotten skin infections, and it’s starting to get warm again. Things were getting… well, more urgent than your basic, “Cat’s fine, buy better food,” sort of appointment.
But the vets office was working on a small staff, so things were going slow, and Steve–
Where to start with Steve?  
First of all, we had to get her stoned before we brought her in. That actually worked well because she DIDN’T spike a fever, but…
Well, first they got the two cats mixed up. Not sure how–skeleton crew I suspect. So they gave Dewey a sedative, then started his medical groom. When he woke up and started to PROTEST having his hair shaved down to the felty undercoat next to his skin, they realized, “Hey–maybe we sedated the wrong cat–but it wasn’t an altogether BAD idea!”  So seriously–next time they have to do that, I’ll spring for the extra $$$ to get the cat stoned.
Steve ALSO got her sedative–and then got her teeth cleaned. And then was almost ready to go home when we got there. And then, apparently the vet went back to get her catheter out and give her a last scratch behind the ears when the cat almost went TITS UP on the vet! Like, she got back there and Steve was cyanotic, and they had to give her medicine for blood pressure and her fever spiked and they had to rub her paws with alcohol to cool her off and basically my cat almost died because she went to the dentist.
So the vet gave us Dewey to take home and then told us to come back in two hours for Steve. 
Realize that, with the extra wait times we spent maybe three hours, total, in the vets office, six to ten feet away from other pet owners, waiting. 
But we got home and two things–
One, Dewey’s medical groom is… oh dear God. Funniest thing we’ve ever seen. From the backend, it looks like he’s a naked skinny pole-dancing furry with go-go boots. From the front, he’s a walking photoshop image–who photoshopped that beautiful cat’s head on that weirdo body?
Much hilarity ensued. 
And then, when Steve got home… she was needy. She bitched at all of us for a solid half-hour, and then when she was done, she bullied the dog off my lap THREE TIMES so she could purr on me. 
AndI hugged her so tight and told her to NEVER scare us like that again. Poor baby. She thinks she’s so tough, but apparently the dentist is no place for a lady.  
And we got home (the first time) and we had the dogs with us–we THOUGHT we were just going to pick the cats up, but Mate and Squish ended up waiting in the car for an hour while ZoomBoy and I waited for two cat carriers (we thought). Anyway–Nebula had been IN THE HOUSE ALONE. Boy, did he let us have it–“You are here! I love that you are here! And the dogs! They will play with me! And the other ca–OH MY GOD! YOU HAVE CHANGED THE OTHER CAT! Will he play? Other cat will you play? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR FUR?”
And Dewey was like, “Leave me alone so that I might eat and brood at my hideousness…”
But now he’s all excited to play again. 
And Steve has been all over me, all day. I’m fine with that. *squeezes her* God, she’s loud and she’s bitchy and sometimes she’s even mean–but I love her so.

(And people are LOVING Henry–I’m so glad! Don’t forget to get your copy HERE!)

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