Going Under!

So Squish’s birthday is this week– tomorrow is her party, we’re taking her and her friends out to dinner and a movie, and it’s not much, but it’s all she’s wanted.  

She’s such a lovely kid. We picked out her cake today–as always she went for the unusual choice of blue/purple/green frosting (it looks like late afternoon on a spring night), chocolate cake, strawberries, and whipped cream in the middle. She was so much fun while choosing everything. She really is a delight.
Anyway– when her birthday is over, I have an entire two weeks before I have to be somewhere doing something, and before that, I need to A. Finish this frickin novella, B. Finish this frickin’ blog tour for Crocus, C. Finish this frickin’ edit for Fish, D. Put my class notes into a worksheet form and into power point slides, E. Continue to prepare for RT including ordering stuff I can’t afford, F. Start weeding out stuff in the kids rooms because seriously nobody can walk anywhere anymore, G. Apparently keep going to soccer because, unbeknownst to me the goddamned season has extended from August to motherfucking July. 
Yeah–I’m going under a little.
So, if I appear thin on social media it’s because I’m sorta ducking my head down and taking care of my own business–and there seems to be a lot of it in the next month. I’ll still visit–and yeah, I do take chat breaks every now and then–but I’m honestly overwhelmed.  That week back east so soon after Florida really did rip my schedule in half–Mate’s been apologetic, too, because nowhere in there had we scheduled any time for me to work, and nowhere in work did I have room to schedule any breaks. 
Anyway–I’ll take a picture of Squish’s cake and post it here and there, and of course, you’ll see amusing quotes and things on Twitter and FB. (I’ll be busy, not dead!) And there’s always the frickin’ asshole dogs who are an endless source of entertainment and exasperation.
I’ll be here. I’ll just be… you know. Actually sort of working.

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