Good Morning Moments…

Good Morning Moments:

A.  Michael Bay movies may be like roller coasters, but roller coasters make me want to throw up.

B.  Does everyone want coffee?  Yes, no, yes– honestly, doesn’t matter. What matters? The dogs are going for a ride.

C.  Showers are optional when going for coffee.

D.  Dear political e-mailing demons– if you fuckers hit me up for money one more time, I’m going to sue you for panhandling.

E.  Dear furry domesticated demons– stop shitting in Chicken’s room or she’s going to cook you and eat you. I’m not stopping her–I’m busy.

F.  Good TV tonight. YAY!

G. As Goddess is my witness, I will take a nap today.

E. Big T and I agree that Ted Cruz is really a live action version of Ned Flanders.

F. OMG. I’m leaving for NY in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! *panics*

And on that note, I’m going writing today…s

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