Good News/Bad News

Squish and I show off our pretty nails.

Good News: I have my confidence building mani/pedi accomplished!

Bad News: In a confidence destroying move by fate, my dress will not be delivered in time, and I need to go shopping tomorrow.

Good News: The kids and I had a big day today, filled with swimming, mani/pedis, purchasing of hair dye, and a little surreptitious yarn purchasing.

Bad News: I tired myself out– and I’m already late on a deadline.

Good News: I managed to put off getting a pedicure for my son by asking him if he was ready to have pink toenails.

Bad News: He figured out that there were OTHER colors we can paint his toes, and I think I don’t get off the hook next time.  Poor pedicurist.  He’s got big, bony feet, too.

Good News:  It’s been 100 degrees here, and not above.

Bad News: I think our outside refrigerator is broken. Crap.

Good News: We bought a tiny pool for our small dogs!

Bad News: They think we bought it to torture them.

Good News: I did laundry today.

Bad News: I should have done way the hell more.

Good News: Knitting was accomplished.

Bad News: Still haven’t used up the yarn!

Good News: I leave for New York in three days!

Bad News: I leave for New York in three days!

Aw, fuck it– I can’t weigh it all on scales. I’m gonna do some laundry, do some shopping, take kids to see Minions and hope for the best.

Then I’ll panic. Cause, you know. Three goddamned days.

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  1. Unknown says:

    *gentle pats* It will all be OK….and actually, I make the Dane go for pedicures. He was born too close to the Wilds of Canada to escape the "bear effect" on his feet. I lack the substantial hand strength and sufficient equipment to trim the claws.

    I'll put prayers for good dress juju on the altar for you tonight. Everything else will come together as it's supposed to, hun.

    We've mostly escaped the hottest temps so far, but there's always next week. I need a Mid-West October about now.

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