Gotta luv it…

Okay… long day,
Kids did play,
Teacher’s say
Homework pays!
Soccer fun–
Does our kid run?
Mate doesn’t know–
It’s his show.
Little boys
With soccer toys
Slapping face
All over the place
They don’t care–
It’s that or stare
At all the dust
That’s everywhere.
Big kids
Sleep a lot
Ooops, they’re caught!
It’s five o’clock!
The house is wrecked
And dinner’s dreck
And we’ve still got
To drive a lot!
(Couldn’t they at least
Have not fought
With their siblings
About zilch and naught?)
Teachers meet
About pay and shit–
I let smarter folks
Than I handle it!
Between my class
And the meet that passed
I edited til
Words came out my ass.
Closed my eyes,
In my room I slept
Quiet I kept
Until a kid came
HIs books to get–
(Good thing he’s cool,
Or I’d feel like a fool!)
Crappy rhyme,
But tv time
My big kids need
Attention sublime–
I got no skills,
But I know the drill
We sit and we talk
Then watch our fill.
Leverage Wednesday
Then watch Buff-ay
Until my boys
Return on Thursday.
Dean and Sam
Dear veal and ham,
When I watch you guys
How happy I am!
Alas I still
Have a month to fill…
Until then,
I’ll live with my yen.
And now I need
Your pardon to plead.
My rhymes are shit–
I’m through with it…
I’ll be back I swear–
With words more fair.
Until now I fear…
I’m outta here!

(Seriously– better blog tomorrow or Friday. This just sort of popped out on my keyboard and I thought I’d leave it for the moment:-)

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  1. roxie says:

    Yup, sometimes the doggerel gets its teeth into you and just won't let go. Tres amusant!

  2. It's better then what I could come up with.

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