Great skittering kitties!

Mate and I have been doing workout tapes in the morning, so I only walk a couple of times a week. Tonight was the first truly warm night of the year– in fact, the cold has been really weird.

Anyway, it was warm tonight, and the kitteh cats were all partying hard. I must have seen a dozen of them skitter across streets and down sidewalks, under bushes and behind trees. They were all very secretive–I think there must have been some secret cat meeting on the first of May.

I heard parties, and people talking out on their lawns and porches. I heard open garages and pool tables and music outside–I heard summer, sneaking in on the first of May, after a week that saw the low seventies at the most.

It was really wonderful.

And then it hit me: I only have four weeks left of school.

HOLY CATS–can that be right? Yes– it is right! Thanks to our esteemed political leaders and their need to tour their nether-orifices personally, we didn’t have enough money to fund a complete school year this year, so we just cut off that last week. Yeah, I know– who gets anything done the first week of June anyway? So, there’s finals, moved up a week, and graduation, not even on FRIDAY, but on WEDNESDAY this time to accommodate the facility use and, well…

I think Great Gatsby is going to get the holy shaft this year. I think if anyone wants to whine about it, I can always suggest a good old fashioned enema, as opposed to the head-up-the-arse variety, too!

Anyway, I don’t have much more… (Okay, I do have some writing news that has me jumping up and down and screaming “Hoo-yah” but I’ll share that when it’s ready. Right now, I’m just gonna give a quiet “Hoo-Yah!” and be done with it:-)

I have cranky kids and a serendipitous fall of fresh blackberries and whipped cream for dessert. You know, cranky kids or not, I thank that deserves a “Hoo-Yah!” too!

0 thoughts on “Great skittering kitties!”

  1. Chris says:

    Good writing news is good. 🙂 So is seeing the end of the school year on the horizon. And berries… mmmm… I'm so ready for it to be blueberry season.

  2. Louiz says:

    4 weeks? Blimey!

    And hooray on not quite ready writing news!

  3. roxie says:

    Fresh blackberries? Ours aren't even blooming yet!

    Good writing news – YeeeeeHA!!! God knows you've worked hard enough to earn it.

    I love the skittering kitties images. SO summery!

    And four more weeks till you are done with this job that you hate for another couple of months? Oh, brothers and sisters, can you give me a halleluiah?

  4. Chris says:

    Maybe the kitties were celebrating May Day! One could have been a Cat in the Green even…

  5. Four weeks!! AWESOME!!

  6. DecRainK says:

    Cats are always having secret meetings. . . its part of being a cat! lol

    Only you can describe our political leaders crap as "need to tour their nether-orifices personally" omg too funny

  7. Laurel says:

    We still have 6 weeks left. Sigh. However, having the year just cut short must be disconcerting. I guess I'd rather deal with 6 weeks. Although both this year and last we are dealing with either RIF-ing teachers or forced transfers from the elementary to the high school–which is a BIG transition, let me tell you! It's all just one big sigh.

    As for the weather, I WISH it was in the 70s here. We've been lucky to get up to 60 here recently, which is cooler than usual. Also, lots of wind and rain. Double sigh.

    Cats definitely have their own agendas. I love your thoughts on them going off to celebrate the first of May! I can imagine them up on their back legs dancing around a fire and looking up reverently to the moon. Thanks for helping to place that delightful image in my head!

    Lastly, yay for good writing news! Everyone will be excited to hear it when you are ready to share!

  8. My kitties are always conspiring and having secret meetings, heck rite now three of them are in a window talking about there escape and life on the outside. LOL

  9. Galad says:

    Hoo-Yah for writing news to come and berries to enjoy!

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