Greetings GRL 2012:-)

Okay– in no particular order!

1.  Tonight I got to eat tasty cow.  It was a priority.  Trust me.

2.  Tom Webb really is as sweet as he seems online.  His Southern accent charms me to my socks.  I love him.  That is all.

3.  Andrew Grey is ALWAYS sweet.  I love him and I love his husband and I can just curl up in his smile.  That is all.

4.  Rooming with Ellis Carrington is a frickin’ blast.

5. My lips are chapped, my hands are chapped, my face is chapped, my ass is chapped.  Did you all know Albuquerque is in the fuckin’ desert?

6.  Some of the rooms here have phones in the bathroom.  Ours doesn’t.  I don’t know why this tickles me– but it does.  You know which phone I’m NOT calling from, right?

7.  I did not do karaoke.  No one wants to hear me do Stevie Winwood.

8.  Ethan Day, ZAM, & Barry were hilarious.  I was honored to be up there with them, and felt very very outclassed.

9.  I read the terrarium scene from Dex.  Went okay…

10.  Nothing is more giggly than three people sitting in the same room texting each other giggly pictures.

11.  Damon Suede and Ethan Day are stretched REALLY THIN.  Having them even talk to me seems like a blessing from the gods.

12.  You NEVER get tired of hugging people.

13.  Ever.

14.  What this place needs is more quiet corners to sit and talk.

15.  I have to read WHEN?

16.  Oh shit!  What time is it now?

17.  Oh yeah… we’re doing a presentation in an hour.  We SHOULD actually get into the same room together.

18.  Sayin’!

19.  I really need to quit after one gin & tonic.  Two definitely.  Three ABSOLUTELY.  Four is just too much.

20.  Ariel and I got to sit and knit for a couple of hours today.  It was lovely.  Never underestimate the value of knitting time.

21.  So many people–really sweet!  Really awesome!  Wonderful!  Fantastic!  Fantabulous!  Perfect!  Darling!  Kind!  Amazing!  Amazeballs!  Awesomeness!  Awesomesauce on epictoast!  Oh, holy crap, I’m running out of superlatives, but I love you all!

22.  Aleks Voinov?  Is a perfect gentleman– and he dresses just like I always imagined Malcolm would, but he’s much nicer as a person:-)

23.  L.A. Witt, Stephanie Grober, Brita Adams– the whole Riptide gang was lovely to me at lunch, when I was about as spacey as spacey ever gets.

24.  My Dreamspinner people– Ariel, Julianne, Margeuitte, Shannon, Anel, Venona, Shira– I love you all, and you were my rocks tonight.  Thank you:-)

25.  Christopher?  Darling?  *giant hugs and smishes*

26.  Yeah…  did I already say amazeballs?  Bears repeating.

27.  Night all…

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  1. roxie says:

    You are, I take it,enjoying yourself? Well, you should! Rock on, but cut down on the G&Ts before you fly home. You should never get high when you fly.

  2. Anonymous says:

    PS. Damn you brought a lot of swag. Did you bring a lot back with you?

  3. Sounds like you're having a bit of fun.

  4. Anonymous says:

    yaaaaay we're home!!!!!

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