Grumpy Fairies, and No one can eat all the food.

Okay– just a teeny little short post today.

First of all, Rhys sent me This Link on Twitter, and I have been laughing my ass off over it all day.  Dude, you and your dog will never be closer.  But if you DON’T have a dog, this will make you NEVER want to get one, EVER.  Could not stop laughing– trust me!

Second, we ditched the kids TWICE this week, once for sushi (and yeah, we brought back leftovers) and once to go see Mate’s friend, who had the barber give him a Mohawk as sort of a fundraiser.  Once he reached his fundraising goal, he shaved his head and posted it on Facebook and told all his friends, and we all went out to dinner.  We went to a soul food place, which means we went to a whole other part of town, and… uhm…  Dayum.  I mean, I can’t eat there more than once a year, or I WILL weight 400 lbs and that’s no joke, but… omg.  Tasty and wonderful and…

but we ended up bringing a lot of it home, mostly because Mate and I made a sad realization as we sat there and looked at smothered chicken and grits and collard greens and spiced yams and salmon patties and garlic fries and corn bread and…

Yeah.  NO one can eat all the food.  It would be great to eat all the food, but NO one can do it.  And if they can, they shouldn’t.  No one can eat all the food.  We brought it home to the kids, and not even THEY could eat all the food.  It was pretty firkin’ amazing.

And this?  This is Squish.  When Squish gets on a role with her playing things, she will pull them–one or two at a time–and line them up in the living room and just… play. Talk for them and send them on adventures and… you know.  All the stuff that kids do that charms the pants off us when we don’t have to make them or force them or treat playtime as homework.  And sometimes, like today when we were watching her brother do gymnastics, all of that playtime travels with us.  This is what she sat and did for an hour today while I knitted.

No stuffed animals were harmed in the making of this blog–but I have to admit, I got a kick out of watching her!

Oh– and the grumpy fairy pic?  Her sister took that and sent it to me.  It was there when I sat down to work tonight.

And on that note?  I’m going to bed.  I’ll be witty and charming tomorrow.  Tonight?  I’m going to go back to my bed and moan, “No one can eat all the food!!!

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  1. roxie says:

    I have a friend who feeds people according to her own appetite, which is moderate. (She weighs about100 lbs with her bicycle helmet on) When we dine at their house, or when she throws a party, I am never left feeling hungry, but neither do I feel gloriously replete. There is a place for celebration of bounty and indulgence. That's why it's considered comfort food.

    Love the grumpy fairy. Chicken is a darling girl to have saved that for you!

  2. She doesn't look overly grumpy.

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