Happier Than I Expected


First of all, I’d like to say I can pack an amazing picnic.

There. It’s out. My house is a disaster, I have yarn everywhere, but I”m not a completely loser as a housewife.

I can cook.

Barbecue ribs, cherries, corn, potato salad– I put it all in one bag for the big kids, another bag for us. Dropped the big kids off their dinner, and then Mate, Squish, ZoomBoy and I all ate dinner at the park, waiting for the fireworks.

A.  Dinner was delicious.

B. There was a Tom Petty cover band there. I sort of loved them.

C. The fireworks were great!  Not as big as the Cal Expo fireworks– which we could see from where we sat–but I’d forgotten how personal fireworks were when you are up close. Each one was right there and exciting–so even though the Cal Expo show was bigger and more spectacular, this one felt like it was just for us, and that was sort of super cool.

D. The big kids walked from their apartment to sit with us, and brought their friends.

And it was a really good night.

But–and this is important–my children now have two of my best grocery bags.


*sigh*  Dammit!

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