Happy 4th… now stop touching me!

lolol! Okay– for some reason the title tickles me, even though it sort of blends a couple of things about my weekend.

On Sunday, we cleaned the house. (Pauses for cheers and applause.) Yes, you heard me. We sort of had an agenda– company for Sunday night. Probably THE most boring 4th of July ever– but we liked it. My goal was to have friends over and watch brain candy movies. I know, I know– 4th of July? Barbecues? Swimming? Anyone?

Okay– our back porch is nice for kids to play as long as it’s NOT 102 degrees. Once it’s hotter than 95 degrees outside, inside is IT, and it WAS 102 degrees, so, you know, screw outside. We watched Die Hard 4, The Mummy, and Men in Black. (We wanted to watch Independence Day but we couldn’t find the copy. Oh well, c’est la vie!) Anyway, my friend and her SO were right on my page. We ate ice cream, went outside to hand Chicken an existential dilemma (reduce carbon footprint, or blow shit up? She opted to blow shit up. I think that was a good choice.) And then fell asleep, really tired and VERY happy.


Today I snuck by the yarn store after water aerobics (although it’s hard to hide your trail for a foraging excursion when you drop a chunk of change using your bank card) and then we went to visit Mate’s grandma and (huzzah!) see a movie. We saw Last Airbender. There were some glitches, but overall, I thought it was true to the cartoon, and since I loved the cartoon, I was pleased. (As a critic for someone else’s work, I can be an absurdly simple soul. As a critic for my own work? I’m an insane bitch with a poison pen and an axe to grind.) But during the movie, Zoomboy couldn’t stop fondling me. “I love you mom.” “I love you too, watch the movie.” “I love you mom.” “I love you too, keep your hands to yourself.” “I love you mom.” “I love you too WOULD YOU STOP TOUCHING ME!” *sigh* Yeah. How to sound like psycho mom in five little words…

Anyway, besides that, I almost skipped blogging today, because really? Once again, our family is making like the most boring humans EVER! Oh… wait. There was this and it totally kicked ass. I mean, you know. TOTALLY. So, maybe you should listen to someone else’s take on The Last Airbender– I spent my day surrounded by rose critical glow.

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  1. Amy Lane says:

    Hey, guys– just to let you know– I'm GETTING your comments, but blogger's being a rat bastard and not letting me publish them! Galad, Knittech–thanks, both of you, for the comments! As soon as blogger gets it's shit together, I'll put them up!

  2. Louiz says:

    I hate cleaning, congrats on managing to do it!

    I have also used almost those exact words to Kathryn. Tactile children are lovely, but sometimes….

  3. roxie says:

    Sounds like a grand way to spend the 4th. Good job!

    102 degrees? There is a serious imbalance in the distribution of natural resources. We had clouds and a high of 68 degrees. Oh, and scattered showers, but that almost goes without saying.

  4. Chris says:

    No, no, I'm pretty sure that my 4th was less exciting than yours. 🙂

  5. Sounds like a fun time. Kommandant and Totten hated the movie. I'll most likely will own it.

  6. Galad says:

    I had to laugh at your title. I am one of those people who like my personal space. I have a daughter who has never known the meaning of personal space. You can well understand the ramifications of that 🙂

    Awesome review and well deserved!

  7. NeedleTart says:

    I live in Pennsylvania. You know, Penn's woods? All those green trees making the world cooler, all those mountains making with the breezes? Yeah. It was 101 when I came out of the mall (where I have been taking my daily walks of 4 to 5 miles). I need to move further north……
    Verification? pring: the sound my car makes at 95 degrees.

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