Happy Anniversary!

So, every morning I wake up, go get my phone from the charger, and bring it back to bed to set the alarm for the next half-hour.

Yesterday morning I did that.  Mate was up hellishly early considering the fact that we’d gotten in around ten o’clock the night before after the drive from San Diego, and my eyes were so bleary I could barely see as I was scanning my e-mail, to make sure I didn’t have anything pressing before I went back to sleep.

And suddenly the date caught my attention.

“Oh God,” I mumbled.

“What’s wrong?”  Mate was slinging his backpack over his shoulder as he said it.

“Happy Anniversary honey,” I said, feeling pathetic.

Yup. 26th.  And welcomed in such style too!

Tonight we went out for dinner and came home early, sagged on the couch and watched The Daily Show.

John Stewart was sort of amazing.

26 years with Mate is even more so.

Next year, maybe we’ll go dancing 🙂

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