Happy April– not fooling!

So, I know– it’s all book news all the time right now, but this is still exciting.  Tales of the Curious Cookbook is available for pre-sale as a complete volume, and that’s exciting.  RJ Scott’s  For a Rainy Afternoon is on sale today–so the release cycle has begun!

We’re releasing one book a week until the end of April, and yes– they’re all awesome!  (At least I hope mine is awesome– I’ve already explained that I have no objectivity here 😉  But all the rest are awesome– and that’s not just cause Reese Dante’s covers are pretty… oh so pretty…

Anyway– here’s the schedule, and huzzah for shared endeavors!
Food for Thought— April 8
Lost Along the Way–April 15
Cookies for Courting–April 22
Just Desserts –April 29


Also available today is Foolish Encounters.  This anthology got its start as a favor for a fan– we were all asked to write a prompt for an April Fool’s story.  My prompt was a delivery guy, delivering certain, uhm, packages to a hot guy’s doorstep.

The result was…

Okay, so you know how I’ve got two cats and two dogs? Gordie and Steve, and Johnny and Geoffie?

Let’s just say remember those names.  (Let’s also say Chicken read this one and was in hysterics.  “It’s an alternative universe fiction based on THE LIVES OF OUR PETS!” I was like, “I wasn’t aware our pets’ lives were canon.”  She was like, “I can’t believe you made my cat bottom!”  I was like, “That cat was born to bottom.”  And, well, the conversation devolved from there.)

So, my story (not all of them) was pure fun. It’s hot fun, but seriously– pure happiness. Steve the Delivery Guy is just as goodhearted as Steve the Cat, and Gordie is just as handsome.

Enjoy this confection collection– I’m not a big fan of practical jokes, so this is as close to April Fools as I get 😉

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