Happy B-day Scorpios, and the Trials of Clive

Hammer & Air is out, and I’m thinking that although it’s a leetle too early for things to be conclusive, it’s possible that it doesn’t suck! (I’m nervous– I forgot my usual supplication to the gods… shall we throw in a quickie? Holy Goddess, Merciful God, LET IT NOT SUCK! thankyaverymuchamen!)

Anyway, I was looking through my favorite Supernatural fanvids for a friend’s birthday, and I came across this one after I’d already sent her my top ten favorite…. Requiem for a Dream and my guys… *happy sigh*

And as for kids? We took Zoomboy to pick out his favorite cake–I was all excited for a whole nanosecond when I thought we were going to get Harry Potter this year, but, no… he took one look at the new Spongebob Doohickies available at Baskin Robins, and we’re up to our eyeballs in Spongebob all over again. (Okay… we’ve been watching Spongebob for ten years now. God knows I loves the little yellow man but, can we just say, I need to watch something else in the afternoons? Please?) Anyway, he’s all primed and ready for his run in with the six foot rat tomorrow, and I’m vaguely ashamed. It’s a HIDEOUS expense for us right now–but Mate… sometimes Mate is as indulgent as I am, and I let him. It’s not fair that I get to spend all the money, right? But stilll I can’t help thinking that Zoomboy would have been just as happy with his best friend and sister at Chuck E’s as opposed to a party for ten. *shudder* (And nobody comes to our parties… we have inconveniently timed children for that!)

Squish is… well, very bright, but also really looking forward to going back to daycare. She NEEDS other kids–and I’m looking forward to hearing her talk about her day, because she is highly entertaining.

Chicken and I went to see Les Miserable at the movie theatre–they were doing a simulcast of the performance at the Met, and it was WONDROUS. Of course, the Met didn’t STAGE the play–the singers were costumed and acting and emoting but they weren’t blocked or “doing business” as my old drama teacher used to say–at least not extensively–and the stagecraft was evocative rather than useful.

But Chicken didn’t care. Neither did I. I filled in the blanks (because it’s hard to follow some of the story when you’re just listening to the songs) and together, we were moved by the music in astonishing ways. You want proof? Chicken spent the entire next day asking me to replay this:

She adored it.

Of course, the one glitch in the system was that there was a Jonas there, playing Marius. Don’t ask me which Jonas… I don’t know my Jonases, but I called him Clive. Anyway, all of these highly trained, inhumanly lovely operatic voices were just knocking the music out of the park, and then Clive opened his mouth, looked embarrassed, and pretty much destroyed the roll of Marius. Poor Clive. Seriously– I felt for him. He tried, he really did, but, like most of us when we’re young, he underestimated the power of training, passion, and god-given-talent, and thought he could play with the big boys. I have no doubt that if he trains for another ten years, he could sound like the real Marius… but not this night.

The cool thing, though, is that Chicken noticed too– she was completely enamored of Alfie Noie, but Clive Jonas? Left her cold. Go Chicken!

Big T managed to successfully rally his father and sister to go see Deathly Hallows. Mate LOVED it– he said that the best part was that it ended on a cliffhanger… and that the audience, who MUST have known that it would have, and had probably read the book, all screamed NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! at the end!

And now everyone’s sleepy and disoriented… and I WANT TO WATCH SUPERNATURAL! I’ve had one burning a hole in my DVR for an entire week!

0 thoughts on “Happy B-day Scorpios, and the Trials of Clive”

  1. Chris says:

    Woot! Scorpios rock! 😀

    I'm not sure I've seen the PREVIOUS Harry Potter movie. I think I'll wait for them all to be out and then watch them all.

  2. Galad says:

    We already have our tickets for Harry Potter tomorrow night.

    Les Miserables is awesome though Marius is my least favorite role anyway. Nicole knew every word before the first time she saw it in elementary school. She would explain what was going on to the adults next to her LOL

    Hope Zoomboy has a great time and you survive 🙂

  3. roxie says:

    Zoomboy and the ten-foot rat. sounds like a sci-fi short story. Something for "Amazing Tales" I love it!

    Squish is a social butterfly. Being grounded is going to be excellent punishment. She will learn to do anything to avoid being grounded.

    Yay for an indulgent mate.

    And yay, oh yay, for "Hammer and Air!" Your writing sucks not, neither doeth it bore!

  4. ElaineG says:

    My boy's birthday was today….we had a pizza party with 11, and video games out the wazoo….and now? a sleepover with two friends…..which is making me realize I would been a very BAD mother had I had more than one child lol! He is SO quiet and self entertains and we have been entertaining three kids for hours now *giggles*….now it's a movie and bed soon….but you are only 8 once right? Sounds like you and the family have had a wonderful week…….Happy Birthday Zoomboy 🙂

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