Happy Birthday to Me (and Mate:-)

Okay. I’ll admit. Yesterday sucked. I mean, as far as birthdays go, it was a ‘wake me up and let me know when it’s over’ sort of moment. How did it suck? Shall I count the ways?

1. I got stuck in lockdown with my 2nd period class. They wouldn’t shut up. I got a call from the office chastising me because the class was shrieking when admin came by. Of course they were singing a rather raucous chorus of Happy Birthday to me when the announcement came on, and we missed it, but still. I was suitably embarrassed, pissed off, and ready to smack someone.

2. The same psycho crapweasel who stole my sandwich last week stole money from my purse. The sandwich thing had me really doubting myself–I mean WHO steals a sandwich? That thought alone made me uneasy about being in the same room with the guy. Fortunately, he got caught and hauled in, but still… sandwich stealing psycho… *shudder*

3. My shoulder was giving me hell–all damned day.

4. The short people were REALLY whiny yesterday.

5. I had to go grocery shopping at six o’clock on a Wednesday night. (Can we say NOTHING in the bread aisles?)

6. There is really nothing on television on Wednesday night. Okay–Glee. Glee and CSI NY were on television. And Glee is frickin awesome, so that one doesn’t count.

Okay. I give. It was mostly one and two that sucked–but seriously–enough to poison the entire day.

And then today…


1. Three of my noisiest kids were suspended today–only one of them by me. (For being an assclown during the lockdown yesterday.)

2. The sandwich stealing crapweasel was apprehended and searched yesterday. Today I found out he had a big ol backpack full of pot in addition to my cash. He will probably not be returning.

3. I got to make Mate dinner for his birthday. That’s sort of cool–doesn’t happen often. I made cheap steak.

4. Mate liked his presents. (Shirts.) I liked mine. (Season four of THE show. Mmmmmmmm… yummy hot guys.)

and the fifth and final reason?

5. For those of us who watch yummy yummy hot guys… THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN!!!!!!!!

And really? That’s all I needed. (Okay, for the record, my children have asked that the series of happy-happy joy-joy body movements I made when the ep closed NEVER be repeated in my home or their sight, so that their sanity might remain intact.)

0 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me (and Mate:-)”

  1. Louiz says:

    Happy Birthday! Glad some of it was ok.

  2. Donna Lee says:

    Happy Happy Birthday to you (and Mate)!!

    You'll have to show me the happy happy joy joy dance. My kids don't embarass easily and someday I'd like a chance to do that (before I get old and am wearing adult Pampers)

  3. A backpack full of pot holy crap.

    Happy belated birthday to you and mate.

  4. roxie says:

    Joyous felicitations on the anniversary of your natal event!

    He probably stole your sandwich because he couldn't find the money.

    It seems like you guys have lockdown about once a week. Holy crow!

    I think u-tube needs the video of the hhjj dance.

  5. GrillTech says:

    *****Warning Supernatural Spoilers *****
    *****Do NOT read until after viewing this week episode ***

    When "past" Dean was convincing future "Dean" that he was real, I immediatly thought that one of the writers must have read your fanfic. If it had started of with "When we were in a laundramat…."

  6. DecRainK says:

    Happy (belated) birthday to you and mate!

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