Happy Kermit Flail of July!!


I have to say, it’s been a mild but busy summer here at chez Lane– I’ve been fairly productive writing and yet my house remains a mess!

Anyway– I was busy, so I put out the all-call for Kermit Flail a little late–but what I got back makes up in quality what it fell a little short for in quantity.

First of all, my twin sister at book signings, Tara Lain, has sent in a romance that looks right up my alley. Secret identities and single parents–and a guy who works with his hands!  All of my favorite tropes wrapped up in one!

Then Lex Valentine sent a book about dressing up like Joan Collins– which reminds me a lot of that Magnetic Fields song, “Andrew in Drag”– and it looks lovely!

Also on our list is a charity anthology–and I’m sorry, the cover attachment was just not loading–but the proceeds for the anthology is going to one of my favorite charities, the Trevor Project, so it’s definitely worth a look!

And then there’s Warm Heart, my own July release, and I have to say–I’m SO EXCITED about this one. It’s my newest Dreamspun Desires series, Search and Rescue, and I just finished writing the second one in the series, Silent Heart, and I admit it–I can’t wait to write Safe Heart which is the third in the series! I even left sequel bait for a fourth if folks like them–I know I am having a blast writing them!

So there you go– a quick burst of reading sunshine for your summer!

Happy Kermit Flail of July!!!!!!!!

Warm Heart

by Amy Lane
Following a family emergency, snowboarder Tevyn Moore and financier Mallory Armstrong leave Donner Pass in a blizzard… and barely survive the helicopter crash that follows. Stranded with few supplies and no shelter, Tevyn and Mallory—and their injured pilot—are forced to rely on each other.

The mountain leaves no room for evasion, and Tevyn and Mal must confront the feelings that have been brewing between them for the past five years. Mallory has seen Tevyn through injury and victory. Can Tevyn see that Mallory’s love is real?

Mallory’s job is risk assessment. Tevyn’s job is full-on risk. But to stay alive, Mallory needs to take some gambles and Tevyn needs to have faith in someone besides himself. Can the bond they discover on the mountain see them to rescue and beyond?

Buy at Amazon

Hot Summer Nights (Sorry– the cover didn’t come through–but it’s totally worth clicking the link, I promise!)

by Assorted Authors
Seven sizzling LGBT romances to fan the summer heat

Grab a cold drink and dive into these steamy stories covering a wide range of MM romance subgenres and tropes – from friends to lovers, second chances, and sexy mĂ©nages, to May-December pairings, werewolves, and even dragons.
There’s bound to be a story to catch your eye and make your hot, summer nights even hotter. You’ll also be helping us raise money for The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention charity for LGBTQ+ youth.

Hurry up and get your copy of Hot Summer Nights right now to enjoy seven stories guaranteed to get your heart racing. 

Stories by Teodora Kostova, Suki Fleet, Alina Popescu, JL Merrow, Aimee Brissay, Jessie G and KA Merikan.

Kissing Joan Collins

by Lex Valentine
Gay suspense author Logan Moore fell in love with the most perfect man ever during his freshman year in college. Unfortunately, that perfect man, his roommate and best friend Chase Courtland, never showed an interest in Logan. Twelve years and a handful of failed relationships later, Logan acknowledges that he still loves Chase. When Chase puts on a designer dress, four-inch heels and a wig, transforming himself into Joan Collins for a Valentine’s Day masquerade party, Logan’s libido rockets out of control. One look at Chase’s perfect ass in the skin tight dress and Logan is ready to drag him off to bed. But can two best friends bridge the gap of a dozen years of denial and build a life together after one amazing night of revelations, confessions and love?

Home Improvement–A Love Story

by Tara Lain

Gabe Mason became a father at seventeen, and his daughter, Ellie, is the most important thing in his life. But being the parent the courts demand means Gabe has given up most of his dreams—education, making furniture, a gay social life—to be a model dad with a steady, reliable job in a home improvement store. Life’s predictable until Jerry, a shy, eccentric guy in a hat and sunglasses, begs Gabe to oversee the renovation of his run-down mansion.

Gabe loves the house and the work, and Jerry’s pretty lovable too, but when Gabe discovers Jerry’s secret identity, he fears their passion could overturn both their lives forever.

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